*Disclaimer Time* – Remember though that the health information written on this blog is not medical advice or treatment and you can read the disclaimer which states such. Please see a doctor or healthcare professional to get a medical diagnosis and advise on a treatment plan for your particular condition.

What to Expect From the Website

I personally love biohacking and aim to test what I learn on myself if I can, but I leave a lot of that personal self-development interest over on Biohackers Lab.

I am an avid researcher on many types of health topics. I like to study, what I believe are, the three main areas of inflammation: mindbody and gut.

Scattered throughout the website are over 200 articles on various aspects of health. A major topic that has made this blog popular over the years is about how to treat a pinched nerve in the neck, lower back, leg and shoulder. You could start there if you like.

Otherwise a passion of mine is to blog about things in my mind at the time and what I’m exposed to in CPD courses, conditions I encounter and lately about the world of biohacking. I seem to have become engulfed in the idea of quantified self and testing theory on your own body.

My Mission Statement

The aim of this health blog is to try inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle and live life to the fullest. I also want you stay motivated about everyday maintaining and improving your overall health status.

Movement is Life and “Movement is Medicine”.

On HealthCog I write about various health topics like: psychology, neurology, biomechanics, nutrition etc… These all excite me and I’m always learning how to try connect the dots and use knowledge from different fields to achieve a health goal.

Throughout the blog you’ll get to read the normal spinal related lower back pain or neck ache articles. However, you will also find me writing about something I may have studied recently, or read recently, or info I found out from an expert I listened to recently and what I learnt from them.

The natural healthcare solution for pain control without drugs or a surgical option can be so simple yet so effective. However, there are definitely times for the best drugs or surgery available.

I’m an optimist so I like positive health stories and try to write in a positive way. Positive psychology is one of the pillars of our health so I try live my life that way and write that way 🙂

Another goal of mine through HealthCog is to try help you understand more about what is Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or Osteopathy and could seeing a manual therapist help you or a family members health.