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Infant Sucking Technique
Help Your Baby Suck Better

I just got tweeted by @babychiro about an awesome article she has just written on how to get a baby to suck a dummy easier and what is the infant natural suck spot mechanism.

Babies have an area in their palate (the roof of their mouths) that stimulates the suck reflex when being fed or nurtured. If a newborns suck spot is stimulated properly then it should be the best way to bottle feed your baby or help your baby latch properly onto your nipple when breast-feeding. This article is all about this ‘secret’ step by step way to find an infant’s suck spot. The article goes onto explain more about the natural suck reflex and step by step guide on how to get your baby to suck better on a dummy, nipple or bottle.

The Best Baby Sucking Technique

This is all about how to get a baby to fed from a bottle or nipple easily. To sum the article up you can try follow these baby dummy sucking technique steps below. But remember the first rule of thumb is, be patient!

If you have a bottle feeding baby on your hands, this should be easier. If the child is a breast feeder, this make take a little longer. Requiring a few practice rounds.

Here is quoted step by step how to get a baby to suck better technique:

  1. Begin with stimulating the child’s rooting reflex by gently stroking the outside of the cheek, this should initiate the opening of the mouth.
  2. Insert dummy.
  3. Then, hold the dummy in the mouth – if the child is a breast feeder the initial response is to thrust the tongue forward (which will knock the dummy out), if this happens, push the dummy back in the mouth again. (recognise what i said earlier?: the breastfeeding technique is to bring the tongue forward to pull the nipple in). Of course the nipple (dummy) in this case is already in the mouth, so let the child run through her/his routine anyway.
  4. Eventually, the tongue will no longer be thrust forward and the dummy will stay in the mouth.
  5. Then, hold the dummy gently up in the roof of the palate. This stimulates that ‘suck spot’.

If you follow the how to get your baby to suck properly on a dummy/nipple technique steps above this should stimulate the child to begin the suck cycle.

Hope you managed to find it easier to get your baby to bottle or breast feed better today with this information.

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