Some Basic Benefits of Sports Massage

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Today I have a guest post mentioning some of the basic benefits you can get from having a sports massage. Freedom Clinics is UK group who provide various healthcare modalities like osteopathy, chiropractic, sports massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture and kinesio taping.

There are various types of massage techniques around used by massage therapists to treat muscle tension. Most patients I have seen prefer having the sports massage treatment instead of a gentle spa like massage. My personal feelings for massage are you get those who like a hard massage and those that like a soft massage. It all depends on how you handle stimulus. Below I have added a video talking a little bit about who could benefit from a sports massage and some links to massage oil of you feel you want a massage after reading this 🙂

The Benefits of Sports Massages


Regardless of your chosen sport, gender or lifestyle, massages play an integral role in both injury\recovery and relaxation you all kinds of athletes. With the ability to boost performance, improve mobility and also improve flexibility, potentially preventing injuries from occurring in the first place.

Sports massages have a variety of positive physical and psychological effects, causing them to be a popular choice for every build of athlete. This type of treatment doesn’t just have to be for the sports enthusiast, if you simply just enjoy keeping fit and have a particularly active lifestyle, you too could benefit.

Pain Relief

A sports massage administered by a trained professional is a great way of achieving pain relief without medication whilst in a relaxing and soothing environment. A massage will often release tension, allowing muscles to relax and therefore noticeable reduce pain. Blood flow will also be improved which in turn assists the recovery process. Various parts of the body can benefit and experience significant pain relief from a correctly delivered massage including the back, shoulders, legs and arms.


Muscles will be stretched and loosened, allowing the body to be increasingly mobile whilst elasticising the muscle tissue. Massages cause muscles to be stretched in ways that they cannot be with a regular warm up, with muscle fibres being spread in different directions, again releasing tension but also reducing the likelihood that an injury will occur during sport. Massages are not only for the injured, they also work wonders in developing the body to the next level in terms of both flexibility and mobility.

Stress Relief

As muscles warm up and relax, you will begin to notice that you do too. This works wonders for anxiety and stress, providing you with a comfortable way to relax and unwind, which may be just what you need in the time surround events and competitions, allowing you to maintain focus. Sports massages often leave the athlete feeling invigorated and energised, as tension and pressure is released in both the physical and psychological sense.

A massage shouldn’t be a one-off occurrence when you’re injured or in pain, regular treatments allow the body to remain supple and relaxed, taking your performances to the next level. In some instances, a massage may be used to treat a reoccurring injury or persistent niggling pain.

Sports massage treatments are available throughout the UK from a range of qualified professionals. Freedom Clinics offer specialist sports massage treatments for injuries, stiffness, injury prevention, stress relief and much more.

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