The Better Way: How To Tie Your Shoelaces

How to Tie Your Shoe Laces
Tie Your Laces Properly

I love watching TED talk videos for inspiration and positive motivation, and came across a funny but interesting video from Terry Moore on “how to tie your shoes” properly.

In this video Terry mentions how he went to a shoe shop and bought some expensive shoes with round nylon laces. He then struggled to keep the laces tied properly when wearing his shoes. To Terry’s amazement the shoe shop owner said he was tying his shoelaces incorrectly. In his video Terry wants to show you the difference between the way he had always assumed you tie laces on your shoes and boots and the way the shoe shop owner showed him to tie his new shoes correctly. Quick Tip: If you have a low back pain I’d recommend just using slip-on shoes.

The Better Way on How To Tie Your Shoelaces

The Bootlace Test

I must admit I had never thought of any other way of trying to tie my shoes. So of course after watching the video I took a pair of shoes and did the shoestring orientation test Terry does in the video.

Thankful my laces stayed horizontal and not vertical after pulling. So I guess someone showed my how to tie my shoes correctly originally.

Different ShoeLace Patterns

Lattice Shoe Lace

As a side note I found some pictures showing 36 different ways to thread your shoe laces.

Did you try the show laces test by Terry and did you get the same problem of the vertically laces as Terry did originally? Has this video inspired you to change the way you tie your shoes in the morning? Let me know in a comment below.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by h4cknEy3d