Dr Kawashima Train Your Brain Book and Nintendo DS Game

Dr Kawashima Brain Training GamesDo you want to give yourself some brain exercise? Today I will talk about using Japanese neuroscientist, Dr Ryuta Kawashima, brain exercise recommendations.

If you haven’t already seen or heard about Dr Kawashima then he is famous for being the neuroscientist behind the Nintendo DS, Dr Kawashima Brain Age 2 game.

Dr Kawashima has also published some brain exercise books. Today I will give a basic overview for you of what Dr Kawashima tries to get you to do to improve your memory. Also try see how fast your basic maths skill are using the online daily Maths Brain Exercise Game below. Try the game in both normal and hard levels of difficulty. Tell me what your high score is for doing the math test brain exercise.

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training Recommendations

Here are just two of the tips from the book: “Train Your Brain More”.

Train Your Brain More
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First Tip: Practice Simple Maths Equations Everyday

The first recommendation is to train your brain with simple maths like addition and subtraction. What you need to do is to try see how quickly you can do simple maths like addition and subtraction. Here is a free online math game.

So how did you do in that online math brain exercise game?

Doing simple arithmetic math calculations as fast as you can on a daily basis is one of the two major things Dr Kawashima recommends to help improve your memory.

Second Tip: Read Out Loud

The other major recommendation is when you read you need to read out a loud.

What that means is when you are reading your daily newspaper, magazine, emails, or interesting blog posts like this on HealthCog.com you should read it out. Apparently this is another major daily tool you can do to help improve your memory.

Brain Training Review

I love these two brain improvement tips because they are so simple, anyone can do them, they cost no money so you don’t need to be rich and can be done anywhere in the world. I hope you enjoyed learning how to train your brain today.

Instead of reading the book you could also play the Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain (Nintendo DS) game everyday. The brain training game is also available on Apple iTunes app store for iPad & iPhone. Sorry doesn’t look like there is an android app as yet.