Chiropractic First Visit

What happens when you see a chiropractor for the first time? What will my first chiropractic visit be like? These are questions you may be asking yourself before booking your first chiropractic visit or just before you are about to see the chiropractor you just booked with for the first time. Some people may be apprehensive, but you do not need to be. So here is what typically happens the first time you visit a chiropractor.

First Visit to the Chiropractor

Firstly it is important you understand what a chiropractor does by reading the definition of chiropractic here. Basically your chiropractor looks after mechanical disorders of the muscle & joints and their affect on your nervous system. So your low back pain or trapped nerve pain in your neck can be seen by your local chiropractor who you can try by using these find a chiropractor links.

The first chiropractor visit lasts between 30-45min usually with follow up visits usually between 15-30mins. The first visit to the chiropractor is when they will ask you questions on your condition and health history, perform a physical examination and then report back to you what they have found what condition they diagnose you as having. Some chiropractors perform a chiropractic treatment on the first visit others do it on the second visit when they would go through a report of findings with you. So it is best to ask the chiropractor’s receptionist what the particular chiropractic clinic’s procedure is.

So a chiropractor’s first concern is to find out what is wrong with you and to check and rule out more serious signs of more serious conditions. If they find anything they will inform you and refer you onto the appropriate healthcare practitioner.

Chiropractic Physical Examintion

The chiropractor will ask you first for your permission to perform a physical examination on you. The physical examination allows the chiropractor to perform orthopaedic and neurological tests. These physical tests will help the chiropractor confirm or rule out condtions. In some cases or in some chiropractic clinics you may be asked to wear a gown like in hospital after undressing down to your underwear. This may be necessary for the chiropractor to fully assess and see the area of complaint. Again if it is a major problem for you to undress into a patient gown speak with the chiropractor first before. Your local chiropractor will always listen to your concerns.

Will I Need X-rays?

Some chiropractic clinics have x-ray facilities on their premises. So if your chiropractor thinks they need to take an x-ray to see what is wrong with you they will let you know first and whilst you are at the clinic take an x-ray. Some chiropractic clinics would need to refer you to the local hospital or x-ray facility if they believe you need an x-ray with your complaint. So you will only need an x-ray if the chiropractor believes you require one and they will take it with your permission first.

First Chiropractor Visit Conclusion

So this is a basic overview of your first visit to the chiropractor. It is not a scary process and the chiropractor will walk you through what needs to be done. You will first speak to the chiropractor and they will ask you some questions, then there is an examination to check what is wrong with you and finally the chiropractor will tell and show you on pictures or models what they think is wrong with you.