Chiropractors Helping PGA Golfers

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Chiropractic Helps Pro Golfers

Today’s guest article is about chiropractic and golf. It is written by, Shane Lawlor, an Irish chiropractor to European PGA golfers. Shane will let you know how some of the European Professional Golf Association golfers are making sure they stay fit on tour and try prevent and treat any golf injuries by using the services of ProGolf Health.

Chiropractors are treating PGA golfers on tour. Most people think that golf is sedentary and you don’t need to be fit, but this is not true. Professional golfers are using the bodies all the time in twisted motions and repeated forces build up and cause problems in golfers like low back pain and muscle strains. So lets read what Shane does with professional golf injuries.

Chiropractic and PGA Golf

ProGolf Health is a multidisciplinary team including 4 Sports Chiropractors, a Physio specializing in 3D Biomechanics, and a Sports Medicine Doctor.

Dale Richardson, is a chiropractor, who started working with professional golfers 15 years ago making him one of the more experienced golf injuries practitioners in the world and the founder of ProGolf Health. Dale is on the Advisory board for the Titleist Performance Institute who is the leading expert group in golf health and fitness.

I started working as a chiropractor with ProGolf Health in 2009. I will be working 10-15 weeks a year traveling on the PGA European Tour providing treatment for our 8 European Players.

The majority of our work is working on chronic soft tissue adhesions as a result of the repetitive muscle over use placed on the players by the demands of Golf. This is more than just treating golfers elbow pain. We also look after any acute injuries that may arise during a tournament.

Active Release Techniques

Sports Chiropractors working with golfers need to have post-graduate training in one of the many soft tissue techniques available. I have spent a large majority of my continuing professional education on attending seminars run by Active Release Techniques.

Titleist Performance Institute

Another component that is essential is the ability to carry out a golf specific assessment of the golfers.

The Titleist Performance Institute trains medical, golf and fitness professionals on examining golfers through a set of specific series of tests, which highlights the individual’s weaknesses and limitations. This will inevitable cause one, or more, of the 12 common swing faults.

Breaking down the body swing connection is essential to playing better consistent golf.

I thoroughly enjoy working with all my ProGolf Health colleagues, and I feel privileged being able to do something I am very passionate about and getting to treat golfers at such a high level. I am looking forward to continuing to travel and in the years to come going to the golfing Majors like the British Open and the US Masters .

Shane Lawlor is a doctor of chiropractic and clinic co-director of Lawlor Chiropractic & Sports Injuries. He is also a native of Tralee, Co Kerry, Ireland.

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