Chiropractic T-Shirts: Medication Side-Effects Danger

I got this photo of a Chiropractic T-shirt in a forward email today from another chiropractor looking at the cascade of prescription medication side effects. I think if you read what is on the shirt you’ll get the humorous, but serious health message on it. A medication can have side-effects, which then needs other medications to solve that problem.

Keeping things simple in life is sometimes the better option for your health, and the easiest. Unfortunately there are many people out there taking too many chronic prescription medicines.

Chiropractic T-Shirt

Chiropractic T-Shirt
What a List of Medication Side-Effects

How Do I Get One

Like the t-shirt and want one for yourself? You can buy your size and style preference through Zazzle in the UK, USA, Australia and other countries. Click on the link to begin designing.

The Bottom Line

I found a great article in the Well Health section of New York Times about the case of someone taking too many pills and the effect on her health. If your interested here is the Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults and you can learn more about prescription drug addiction treatment here.

In Chiropractic we look to avoid unnecessary drugs and surgery. This Chiropractic t-shirt is meant to get you thinking ” why am I on these drugs?” and “are they doing more harm than good now?” If you are like this above I’d recommend seeing a specialist physician and asking do I need to be on all this medication.