Upper Back Chiropractic Treatment: Video

Thoracic Spine Treatment
Thoracic Spine Treatment

Every wondered what a chiropractic treatment for your upper back pain would be like? Have you been sitting at the computer looking for upper back pain relief?

In the following video Pennsylvania chiropractor Scott B. Rothman will show a basic upper back or thoracic chiropractic adjustment. The video will give you some basic indication of what a chiropractic treatment for an upper back pain would be like using spinal manipulative therapy or what chiropractors like to call a chiropractic adjustment. Hope it helps you get some upper back pain relief.Chiropractic on the Thoracic Spine

The Transcript

“Hello my name is Dr. Scott Rothman from the Wayne Chiropractic Health Center and on behalf of Expert Village.com , I would like to demonstrate today what an upper back or thoracic adjustment is like. This patient has been suffering with some upper back and some neck tightness, stiffness and a lot of tightness between the shoulder blades. She happens to sit at a desk most of the day and as anyone can see or feel when they sit at a desk most of the day, they are going to have some of these symptoms. The way that we have been working on her we will first evaluate her spine to see where the problems are, check for motion mobility, how she moves freely or not, check for inflammation and muscle spasms in the back and come up with a treatment plan and then treat her. Today I am going to demonstrate for you how we adjust very gently the upper cervical or the upper thoracic spine. I am going to come around the table. I am going to gently cross her arms, lean her back and very gently, little bit of pressure just like that. Relax your muscles now. How does that feel. Very good. Pretty good. Yeah. That is an upper thoracic adjustment. For more information, you can visit us at www.waynechiropractichealthcare.com