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In the news is the latest research on type 2 diabetes normalising their sugar levels on the diabetes diet coming out of Newcastle. This has caught the attention of the national press and news agencies because of the dramatic changes the 11 type 2 diabetic participants achieved in the study¹ which was published in the June 2011 edition of the journal, Diabetologia.

So with all the excitement created in the news I wanted to know what is this new special diabetes diet, and how exactly is this new diabetic diet different or drastic from existing nutritional recommendations for type 2 diabetics. I would need to read what does the actual Newcastle research paper say. Well your in luck as I have been able to find it online and added all this information below for you to read.

The New Diabetes Diet from Newcastle

Diabetes diet Newcastle 2011
Hot New Diabetes Diet

As you can see from the picture to the right that today on Yahoo UK a lot of people are searching for this new amazing diabetes diet

It is understandable with around 2.8 million people in the UK suffering type 2 diabetes according to the charity Diabetes UK. That figure is increasing over time as more lifestyle diseases like obesity, type 2 diabtes, certain cardiovascular disease etc.. become more prevelant.

Diabetes Research Paper

I have attached below the actual research done at the Magnetic Resonance Centre in the Institute of Cellular Medicine at the Campus for Ageing and Vitality at Newcastle University.

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Some key points from the paper that I saw were:

  • This is a very strict diet with only 600 kcal/day (usually men have 2500kcal/day & women 2000kcal/day)
  • The diabetes diet relies on Optifast a product from Nestle,
  • Within 1 week fasting glucose levels normalised,
  • The diabetes diet from Newcastle lasted 8 weeks,
  • Even at 12 weeks after the diabetes diet positive health changes remained.

So this is a diet that works fast. As the authors mentioned in their research paper this is good news for those just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as there is a chance to reverse this typically chronic disease fast. The people used in this research hadn’t been type 2 diabetics for longer than 4 years.

What is the Optifast Diet?

As I mentioned earlier, optifast is a weight loss product from the nutrition company, Nestle.

Optifast is apart of a very low calorie diet (VLCD). Optifast is prescribed by doctors and dietitians as it is a very strict calorie diet and medical supervision is required.

Here is the promotional leaflet as provided from Nestle about what is Optifast and what is in it:

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Key points about the optifast product are:

  • It is a meal replacement shake to drink daily,
  • You would have 4 optifast sachets per day,
  • Supplement with low starch vegetables,
  • Need to be on it for a minimum of 2 weeks for weight loss.

There are side effects to trying a very low calorie diet as explained in the leaflet like: dizziness, light headedness.

People on medications would need medical monitoring. Like I say food is a medicine and so food can have interactions with other prescribed medications.

This bit of latest diet and nutritional news is interesting as the researchers were looking at the idea of liver fat and pancreas fat causing insulin sensitivity problems. This is also what Dr Robert Lustig talks wbout when he says Sugar is a Poison.

This latest research paper only reiterates to me how powerful food is on our health and what we eat daily can change our health status and acute or chronic health conditions. That is why you need to know the nutritional content of fast food. Convenience food should not be regular food.

I would love to see similar research for something on anti inflammatory foods like the deflame diet recommends for testing peoples pain levels. This might also be interesting for diabetes patients with trapped nerve pain medically called a diabetic neuropathy.

Anway hope you found the new diabetes diet coming out of Newcastle interesting. I sure did. For more help with diabetes contact Diabetes UK who funded the research by:

  1. Calling them on 0845 120 2960
  2. Emailing them on or
  3. Talk with others who have diabetes on UK Diabetic Forum
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Further Reading:

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