Don’t Die Early Book by Rocky Angelucci: My Positive Review

Don't Die Early Book Review
Don’t Die Early Author Rocky Angelucci

I love those books you start reading and end up not being able to put it down because it’s just such a good story you just need to know what happens at the end. These kind of awesome reading events are normally reserved for the latest fictional novel series to hit the book stores and definitely not for a book about health.

Well, prepared to be pleasantly surprised and, I hope, youthfully excited about knowing how to really test your state of health, your state of wellness.

Have I got your attention yet? I just finished reading the kindle ebook titled “Don’t Die Early: The Life You Save Can Be Your Own” by Rocky Angelucci and I wanted to blog about it straight away. In today’s post I needed to let you know why I’m excited by what I learnt, why I’m going to be recommending this book to my Chiropractic patients and a for you to hear my book review.

My Don’t Die Early Book Review

I do a lot of reading in a week. I read all types of blogs, newspaper articles, magazine articles, tweets, facebook recommendations, watch youtube videos and ultimately end up doing further google research. I’m going to say it, “I’m addicted to understanding health: how it works and how to stay healthy and treat disease.”

However, I can’t tell most people to read everything I have. They most likely won’t find the time, enthusiasm and they might not understand all the medical jargon and physiology being debated and discussed. Hence I need patient friendly references to help others make up their own minds. This is one of the reasons I write this blog.

Why Buy The Book

This book by Rocky Angelucci is now one of my go to books.

Here are some of my reasons why:

  • Written from a layman’s point of view with easy to understand wording,
  • Written by someone who has been in poor health and turned themselves around,
  • Written to help you know how to test your health instead of a ‘follow my cult only’ approach,
  • Written using sensible thought process and medical research to come to sensible conclusions,
  • Written to help your body heal itself when you eat food and not hurt yourself by eating the wrong foods,
  • Written with a great snapshot on how to test if your heart is healthy,
  • Written with a great snapshot how to test are you diabetic,
  • Written with a great snapshot how to test if you have chronic inflammation.

What The Book Taught Me

So far I have mentioned why I think you need to read a copy of the “Don’t Die Early” book, but I need to be selfish here and say why I needed to read this book.

My High Fat Low Carb Diet Experiment

A little background first. Over the last 6 months I have been doing a personal experiment on my own health. I decided to test out what it is like to try eats lots of fat!

I had been reading more into why the paleo diet like the deflame diet is good for your health not just your weight.

One of my favourite biohackers out there, other than Tim Ferriss, is a man called Dave Asprey from Dave explains why he believes a low carb high/fat diet is good for maintaing ideal weight, balanced hormones, lowered risk of lifestyle diseases, anti-aging effects, improved nervous system and more.

I made an informed decision took the plunge and have started eating more fat in my life than I could ever imagine.

I had bad acne as a teenager and have seen sugar and fat as the ultimate evil ever since because my dermatologist at the time told me so. I had a major psychological barrier to making fat a priority in my daily eating.

However, 6 months ago I wasn’t at my ideal weight and definitely wasn’t feeling healthy. I have a 16-month year old baby, run my own business, trying to earn enough money so my wife can stay at home to help raise our child and life just seemed to be moving so fast. I needed to do something to improve my body in the long-term in a healthy sustainable way. Cue me stumbling over becoming a biohacker.

I began following the nutrition principles from the bulletproof diet. Step one being bulletproof coffee in the morning. You can watch the video below how I make my bulletproof coffee with healthy fat in the morning. Step two intermittent fasting and mainly eating paleo friendly foods with lots of healthy fat from grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Pretty quickly on I noticed an improved marker in my health being a little drop in weight. This has since progressed and stabilized at 6 months later now 10kg down. Personally I see excess weight as a symptom of poor health not a disease on its own, which is just like how the book’s author Rocky feels about it. So I have not been trying to lose weight but rather improve my health and my body will adjust to my optimal weight.

Eating so much fat I wanted to also test my health starting with a simple fasting cholesterol blood test.

It is here I have seen very healthy levels of triglycerides and HDL, but my LDL is above “normal”. I feel I understand my risk much better with lots more research on the LDL question. However, discussing what are healthy cholesterol levels is a massive topic and a blog post I want to try do in the future. In the meantime please just read Rocky’s book and learn the conclusion on how to actual test your cardiovascular risk if you feel you have too much cholesterol.

How To Test Your Cardiovascular Risk

Now back to what I learnt after reading this book.

Rocky helped me connect the dots to know if my own body has a problem with the amount of healthy fat I’m eating. This is such a simple quick test. I have wanted to buy my own home glucose monitor and cholesterol testing kit, now I’m definitely going to do it. One of the useful pin-point health tests in the book is doing something called postprandial testing.

Postprandial means testing your blood after eating a meal. This is what diabetics do to check their blood sugar levels, but did you know you can do it for your blood fat levels? Rocky specifically talks about testing your triglycerides levels. I won’t go into too much detail here, but this is just one of the many things Rocky writes about in his book which links all the stuff I have been learning. I believe performing this one test is such a simple way to see if I’m eating too much fat or not so I can know if I am healing myself or harming myself.

So Who Should Buy This Book?

The answer, everyone. I know, a big statement to make, but I really do mean it.

If you are worried you might have a heart attack (myocardial infarction) one day, maybe be paralyzed by a stroke from congested arteries or just want to know if you have a healthy cardiovascular system, a healthy heart then please read this book. I think this point alone is for most people.

The diabetes and inflammation information Rocky provides goes into even more of a reason why you should buy this book. Know how to achieve the basics of achieving good overall health for life and in simple ways to test yourself along the way. If you think chronic pain can’t maybe kill you, I’d say think again. Inflammation damages your whole body, you need to try fix it.

The Bottom Line

I hope I have done the book justice with my positive review of it so far. Sometimes I see on Google searches like is blah blah book a scam. Trust me, the Don’t Die Early book is definitely no scam. Actually far from it.

To learn more about the author, Rocky Angelucci, and why he wrote the book “Don’t Die Early: The Life You Save Can Be Your Own” I have some recommended reads below.

Thank-you Rocky for what you have written, it has personally helped me lots.