Essentia: Natural Memory Foam Pillows and Mattresses

Essentia Organic Memory Foam

Recently I cam across a new very different memory foam manufacturer called, Essentia. I am definitely a fan of memory foam pillows and mattresses for their effect on my quality sleep for my overall health and my neck posture in particular. I have been exposed to lots of different manufacturers of memory foam pillows and mattresses like Tempur pedic pillows and Tempur pedic mattresses over the years. What caught my eye with Essentia is their slogan “World’s Only Natural Memory Foam“. Today I want to share with you more info on the Essentia memory foam history and the Essentia natural memory foam pillow and mattress product range.

Essentia Memory Foam

First thing I guess is to understand where the Essentia slogan “World’s Only Natural Memory Foam” comes from and why they say that.

I have two videos for you to watch on Essentia.

The first video is a short cartoon about the company and why it makes only natural memory foam. The second video is from the founder of Essentia about why he started Essentia from what he learnt from doctors.

Here is a short video clip from the founder of Essentia, Jack Dell’Accio. Jack talks about why he was inspired to look at developing a memory foam that had as little chemicals and glues after speaking to doctors about chronic toxin exposure and health. Jack’s family comes from a bedding manufacturing background so he had access to how beds and latex foam are made.

Here is more about what Essentia founder Jack has to say:

Natural Memory Foam vs Conventional Memory Foam

I was interested to see the comparison Essentia gives as to the difference between their natural memory foam and its competitors memory foams.

Some of the unique benefits of natural memory foam from Essentia are:

  • No chemical off-gasing or odour,
  • 80% more breathable than conventional memory foam,
  • Faster recovery time (memory foam bounce back),
  • Consistence performance from 1C – 30C
  • Biodegradeable.

The odour point is something I know from opening memory foam pillows packed in vacuum seal plastic packaging. The strong memory foam chemical smell is a point I have seen lots of amazon UK customers mention about other memory foam pillows and mattresses with statements like –

Upon opening I read the instructions which was to leave in a well ventilated area for a few hours or days until the smell dissipates which in our case took almost a week

The second point about more breathable is that memory foam should be an open cell formula. A way one manufacturer showed me was real memory foam you should be able to breath through the pillow and feel your breath on the other side. This means it is an open cell formula allowing the memory foam to breath.

The faster recovery time for me is a very important point when I feel memory foam products. What I hate is when you can get such a difference between two memory foam pillows from the same company. One feels soft the other hard. That is a point Essentia mention as a difference with their natural memory foam being a consistent – 12.25 mmHgh compared to others who could vary between 15-28 mmHg. So at least if you say got two pillows for you and your partner then they would both be the same feeling.

The temperature point is another issue I hear with memory foam, especially pillows. If your room is cold then the memory foam gets harder as it conforms to ambient room and body contact pressure. This means pillows could feel great in a warm show room but hard and give you a neck or headache in a cold Winter temperature room. Essentia claim to give a consistent feeling from 1c – 30c.

The last point is biodegradable which I like as I recycle and like knowing products are greener for the earth. I see Essentia also mention they are a member and contribute to the 1% for the Planet donating 1% of the companies annual revenue to environmental organisations.

The list of cool things this memory foam manufacturer do carry on like Oeko-Tex rubber only & unbleached organic cotton called Zebrano fabric.

Essentia Pillows

There are three shape options for Essentia pillows:


There is the Classic Pillow, Forma Spa Pillow and Ergonomic Pillow shapes available.

As you know I like classic memory foam pillow shapes mainly cos I believe the pillow should conform to you and not you to the pillow.

However, for those that want something different the Forma Spa pillow is for back and side sleepers with ribbed texture in the middle where the back of your head lays to give a softer and ventilated feel. The Ergonomic pillow is the typical high end low end curved pillow to support the arch in your neck.

You can order Essentia memory foam pillows online.

Essentia Mattresses for Beds

There are 7 different memory foam mattress options from Essentia.


I have listed them on price:

  1. Jeanius – Has a organic denim base layer.
  2. Classic – Has 2″ natural memory foam 4″ 100% Dunlop latex foam.
  3. Classic 8 – The Classic 8 range of mattresses are 2″ thicker Dunlop latex than the Classic range.
  4. Energie Opus – Eco-friendly mattress with 3″ layer of natural memory foam & 5″ layer of Dunlop natural latex foam.
  5. Beausommet – Slightly firmer than the Dormeuse with additional low back support.
  6. Dormeuse – 3 layers of natural memory foam seen as the top of the range Essentia.
  7. Unity – One side is Dormeuse the other Beausommet.

Check out how to choose the best Essentia memory foam mattress for you.

Check out all the latest Essentia mattress prices here.

Essentia Extras

1. Flex Drive Mattress

There are some extras that Essentia offer like the Flex Drive mattress with its quad motor mechanism base.

Essentia Flex Drive MattressCheck the Essentia Flex Drive online.

2. Organic Baby Cot Mattress

Essentia-Organic-Cot-MattressA natural memory foam mattress for babies cot or crib.

So Essentia memory foam products are a more premium brand of memory foam pillows and mattresses.

They do say they give a 90 day moneyback guarantee and 20 year warranty on mattresses.

You have more choice now when choosing a memory foam pillow or mattress depending on your budget and what you want quality of foam you wish to have.