Bear Crawl Exercise: Todays Movement Challenge

Bear Crawl Exercise
Been There Bear Crawled

If your a rehab chiropractor then you’ll probably know what the bird dog exercise and bear crawl exercise are all about. Otherwise they might sound like some strange animal movement or yoga pose if this is your first time exposed to this way of rehabilitation movement.

I came across a very interesting video on Facebook from Dr Craig Liebenson, who you would have seen in the bending forward causes low back pain article. Craig felt this was a good example of good human form and movement that even Russian personal trainer, Pavel Tsatsouline, would share this video. Craig follows the rehabilitation exercise school of thought from the Prague school of rehabilitation using Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. I have just finished the DNS A course and about to do DNS B CPD course at the AECC later this month. The bear crawl position is one of the DNS rehab postures and active exercises. Watch the video below to learn more.

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High Intensity Training: Healthier with 12 Minutes of Exercise Per MONTH

High Intensity Exercise
Quick HIT workout

Yes you read that correctly, you can improve your health status with doing just 12 minutes of high intensity training exercise per month. You may have seen earlier this year the Panaroma TV programme called “The Truth About Exercise” with Dr Michael Mosley. He was experimenting on himself with high intensity training to improve his risk of diabetes. Don’t worry if you missed it I got a video link to a copy you can watch below.

This was such a good programme to watch to get an understanding about the concept of doing less time exercising and improving your health. Today I want to share with you some fascinating videos, reading and thoughts. Not only from the Panorama programme, but from also from medical doctors and biohackers who tout doing this novel type of exercise programme.

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Does Stretching Help Prevent Injuries?

Hamstring Stretch
Should You Stretch Your Muscles?

Does stretching before you exercise help prevent an injury? This will be a lifelong question many chiropractors are going to be asked by their sport active patients. I believe most people would assume that stretching before exercise is a must do thing in order to prevent a sport injury and that stretching is a type of “warm-up” routine before exercising.

A friend sent me a stretching news article talking about this exact question about should we stretch before exercise in order to prevent injury. My friend did this because he knew that I had done my literature review thesis in my 4th year at the AECC. I titled that paper “The benefits and risks and stretching“. I was interested in looking at research studies, available in 2003, looking at this question on should we stretch for health performance and sports injury prevention. I think you’ll be surprised what is being found nowadays when it comes to stretching and injury prevention.

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Run in Shoes Like Your Barefoot

Learn How to Run Barefoot
Fix a Bad Shoe Running Technique

If you love the idea behind the barefoot running technique I found a video showing you how to run barefoot in shoes. Does that interest you. This very interesting video was made by Dr Marc Silberman, a sports physician in New Jersey USA.

Dr Silerman talks you through a running gait analysis video of a women patient of his. You can watch her running on a treadmill where she was going wrong and how she improved within in two weeks of running coaching. So If you are carrying some running or jogging injuries watch this video.

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A Breathing Exercise: The Abdominal Breathing Technique

Breathing Technique
How To Breath Better

Too many people are coming into the Chiropractic clinic today feeling stressed about life troubles. How do you know when your in a stressed state? Especially if your just sitting quietly reading this article on your computer.

First step is you need to become aware of body. Are you lifting up your chest to breath in? Are you pulling your stomach in to breath in? Do you feel you need to take a lot of breaths causing a high breathing rate? If you answered yes to any of these then you probably are stressed. Symptoms of stress hides itself like, having high blood pressure. So most people don’t even know the effects stress is having on them physically. As I mentioned earlier, my Chiropractic patients are walking in and I can see that there bodies and minds are in a stressed state. How you are breathing is a simple way to see of your stressed. Breathing is also a way or a tool to help lower anxiety and stress levels. Today lets look at the simple abdominal breathing technique you can do today to help you breath better.

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Hip Hinge Exercises: Helps Prevent Lower Back Pain

Hip Hinge Exercise
Bend From The Hips

You don’t have to go to gym to help fix your back. Learn how to optimise everyday movements. You need to learn how to get up and down from a seated position correctly. Think how many times you get up from a chair. It really is just a squat movement. To be able to squat from your hip joints you need to work at it everyday so welcome your new favourite change of habits, the hip hinge exercise.

Practicing how to hinge at the hip is one of those simple, but brilliant rehab exercises. It helps not only hip socket problems but chronic lower back too. It is a rehabilitation exercise that teaches us how to bend forward from the hip joints rather than the spine so helping to protect the lower back joints from excessive pressure which potentially contributes to lower back pain.

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ACL Injury Prevention: PEP Knee Exercise Programme

Sports Injury ACL injury Knee Injury
Knee Injury Prevention Programme

Do you remember English football player Michael Owen playing for England in the 2006 World Cup against Sweden? Maybe not much because he lasted only a few minutes before ending his 2006 World Cup campaign with England because of his sports injury, his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

Michael Owen is not the only famous football player to tear his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and unfortunately he wont be the last. So if you like playing football but want to try prevent a sports injury like an ACL injury, then consider the PEP knee injury prevention exercise programme.

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