First Time Chiropractic Visit: What Happens

First Time at a Chiropractor
First Time to a Chiropractor

Chiropractic treatment is fast becoming more and more popular in the world today. You have various entertainers such as famous singers as Celine Dion, performers like WWE wrestlers and The Wiggles who use a chiropractor at their shows. Having a team chiropractor is important for professional sports people and teams like Lance Armstrong and AC Milan football club.

Have you heard from a friend or family member that you should go see a chiropractor? So you jumped online and wanted to find out what is Chiropractic, what does a Chiropractic treatment involve and how do I even find a chiropractor. That is why I created this article for you so by reading to the end and watching the video about your first Chiropractic consultation you should know more before you book to see a chiropractor as you family said you should.

The Start of a Consultation

Firstly it is important you understand what a chiropractor does by reading the definition of Chiropractic.

Basically your chiropractor looks after mechanical disorders of the muscle and joints and their effect on your nervous system. Your low back pain or that trapped nerve pain can be assessed by your local chiropractor.

The first consultation lasts between 30-45 minutes usually with follow-up visits between 15-30mins.

‘Your First Chiropractic Visit’ Video

The video above is 1 minute and 3 seconds long and is narrated by chiropractor, Tim Hutchful. It shows a typical first visit to a British Chiropractic Association chiropractor.

The Case History Part

The chiropractor will firstly perform a case history before examining you.

A case history involves your chiropractor asking about your health complaint(s) that you are concerned about. Further questioning may include your family history, dietary habits, job requirements and other care you may have received in the past and are receiving at present.

Next The Physical Examination

The chiropractor will then with your consent perform a physical examination, which will focus on how your joints, muscles and nerves are functioning individually and together, which may include neurological and orthopaedic tests, if needed.

This section can involve you undressing down to your underwear in private, with the option of a gown. The chiropractor will respect your privacy and dignity at all times. If the chiropractor feels it is warranted, they may send you for an x-ray to further evaluate the bony structure.

Some chiropractic clinics have x-ray facilities on their premises. So if your chiropractor thinks they need to take an x-ray to see what is wrong with you they will let you know first and whilst you are at the clinic take an x-ray. Some chiropractic clinics would need to refer you to the local hospital or x-ray facility if they believe you need an x-ray with your complaint. So you will only need an x-ray if the chiropractor believes you require one and they will take it with your permission first.

Your chiropractor may even check your blood pressure, listen to your lungs or examine your abdomen in order to completely evaluate your physical health, depending on the complaint.

The examination of the spine to evaluate structure and function is just one of the procedures that makes chiropractic different from other healthcare professions. Your spine is a series of moveable joints that begin at the base of the skull and end at the pelvis. Pairs of spinal nerves exit the spinal column through a series of openings, which then go on to form a complicated network that influences every living tissue in your body.

Your Report of Findings Part

Before your chiropractic treatment starts your chiropractor will then explain to you what they found in the examination, what they understand to be causing your problem/complaint, the proposed treatment plan and the probability of any risks associated with your condition and proposed treatment. This will include showing you pictures/models where appropriate to help you understand what is happening within your body.

If the chiropractor finds something they feel needs more specialised investigating, or your condition is more serious and requires surgery, they will also refer you to the appropriate health professional. So your chiropractor will look after your health and not waste your time with any unnecessary treatment.

Once that is achieved and you fully understand and have given your consent to what has been discussed, you will receive your specific chiropractic treatment plan.

Your Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment techniques typically used by your chiropractic include manipulation/mobilization of your spine and/or joints of your arms and/or legs.

Further techniques are also used to relax your muscles and nerves involved to obtain enhanced and faster relief of your condition(s).

Its Time to Go Home Last Bit of Advice

At the end of your first chiropractic treatment session you may receive advice for home or work. This may include information on postural correction, focused exercises and stretches, sleeping position and more… All aiming to give you control over your condition.

Following your first consultation, further visits will last between 15-30 minutes depending on the condition and treatment that you need. Your progress will be reviewed regularly and you will be asked to give your consent to any changes in your treatment plan if so needed. Your chiropractor will discuss carrying out further investigation or referring you to your GP/consultant if your condition does not improve. To find a chiropractor in your area try these resources.

Image Credit: All rights reserved by planetc1