Foreign Accent Syndrome: Rare Neurological Condition

Foreign Accent SyndromeForeign Accent Syndrome (FAS) is a rare brain injury condition affecting the way you pronounce words and is usually seen as a stroke symptom. There has been a recent 2010 case in the UK of this rare neurological condition.

This 2010 UK Foreign Accent Syndrome case has been reported by various news agencies like Sky News where I came across it today. I think it is interesting to learn more about how our brain works if you want to learn more about the nervous system also I recommend you see the videos and read the articles below.

Foreign Accent Syndrome Neurological Condition

You can watch a video interview below of thirty-five-year-old Sarah Colwill from St Budeaux in Plymouth, Devon, UK. Sarah says she has been suffering migraines for several years and was diagnosed with a specific type of migraine called, sporadic hemiplegic migraines.

Then recently she woke up from a migraine attack to find she was speaking with a Chinese accent instead of her British one. This has since changed into a more Eastern European accent, which you can hear in the video interview.

If you want you can read more about the neurological condition, Foreign Accent Syndrome, below and watch more videos of Foreign Accent Syndrome as well.

Foreign Accent Syndrome Videos

You can read the about Foreign Accent Syndrome sufferer Sarah Colwill in this UK Telegraph newspaper interview.

For another example of this rare neurological condition watch this news report from ABC news in America about another case of Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Then you can also see another case of a British women suffering Foreign Accent Syndrome featured in “My Strange Brain” documentary video.

Finally read the BBC health news piece and this wikipedia article about Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by ell brown