Hip Hinge Exercises: Helps Prevent Lower Back Pain

Hip Hinge Exercise
Bend From The Hips

You don’t have to go to gym to help fix your back. Learn how to optimise everyday movements. You need to learn how to get up and down from a seated position correctly. Think how many times you get up from a chair. It really is just a squat movement. To be able to squat from your hip joints you need to work at it everyday so welcome your new favourite change of habits, the hip hinge exercise.

Practicing how to hinge at the hip is one of those simple, but brilliant rehab exercises. It helps not only hip socket problems but chronic lower back too. It is a rehabilitation exercise that teaches us how to bend forward from the hip joints rather than the spine so helping to protect the lower back joints from excessive pressure which potentially contributes to lower back pain.

What is a Hip Hinge

I see so many low back pain patients who when trying to bend forward to touch their toes, bend from their upper backs and stick their necks out rather than hip hinge. When you hip hinge you use the ball and socket design of the hips and the surrounding gluteal (butt) muscles rather than abusing spinal joints.

So read the great paper by chiropractor Craig S. Liebenson and you can watch the video about the hip hinge exercise below. You can also find Craig Liebenson’s rehabilitation textbook below. Learning how to hip hinge is learning how to move your lower back correctly.

[gview file=”http://www.avordchiropractic.com/doc/HipHinge-03.pdf” save=”1″]

How to Do the Hip Hinge Movement

Here is a video showing you how to do hip hinge exercises in a functional state. Functional meaning real life situation like bending over when shoveling heavy snow in Winter.

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Image Credit: Some rights reserved by Ben Sutherland