How Safe is Your Health: Trigene Germ Disinfectant

Bacteria Disinfectant
Bacteria Disinfectant

In the UK there is a problem in the healthcare industry, particularly hospitals, with bad bugs or super bugs causing secondary hospital infection problems in patients. These germs include: bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

Other than super bugs in hospitals these germs are all around us in all the spaces we live in. This is our social places like homes and playgrounds and even your workplace. So what disinfectant could you use to help minimise excessive exposure to dangerous types of germs around you? I personally use a product called Trigene in the Chiropractic clinic to help disinfect all my therapy equipment. Since I think it is such a great product in todays post I just wanted to let you know all about what is Trigene and how does it work.

Trigene Disinfectant

Trigene is the product name for a germ disinfectant manufactured by Medichem based in the UK.

A chiropractor treating the public doesn’t know what kind of bugs a patient could walk in with on their skin and clothes. It is a known fact in healthcare that good cleaning habits like hand washing and equipment sanitizing is important for both your health and the doctors.

The Benefits of Trigene

I came across the cleaning agent, Trigene, and thought it was a nice alternative to some of the other disinfectants available because it is:

  • a Bactericidal,
  • a Fungicidal,
  • a Virucidal,
  • Certified against Hepatitis B, HIV,
  • Free of Aldehydes, Chlorines and Phenols,
  • a Non-irritant, Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous,
  • Nano technology,
  • Bio-degradable.

To show how effective Trigene is a 2008 study compared Trigene, bleach, ethanol (alcohol), liquid hand soap and temperature in killing a specific parasite. You can read the positive results of the study below:

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Different Strengths For Different Risks

Trigene disinfectant comes in a concentrate form that you then dilute with plain tap water to the required strength.

Some of the dilution options recommended are:

  1. 1:200 for general cleaning
  2. 1:100 for intermediate risk
  3. 1:50 for high risk

It also looks like Trigene is also available in disinfectant wipes and a disinfectant spray. I use the spray bottle with a 1:100 dilution to cover a large surface areas like my work desk, Foot Levelers foot scanner and Chiropractic treatment table.

Just to let you know I’m not being endorsed by MediChem. The only reason I want to promote them is because I think their product is great and has helped to simplify my life.

I did a quick Google search and see I’m not the only one who sees a benefit from the Trigene disinfectant. Hampshire fire and rescue service disinfects with Trigene as well.

On the MediChem website other industries that disinfect using trigene include: animal health (vets), human health (hospitals), environmental (accident scenes), dentists, equine (stables), laboratories and agricultural (farms).

Where Can You Buy Trigene

I found that you can Buy Trigene Disinfectant for yourself on Amazon.

The three other sources from where to buy Trigene disinfectants:

  1. SP Services
  2. C&P Medical
  3. Scott Health and Saftey

Do you use a disinfectant regularly and which one/types do you prefer I would love to know. Do you already use Trigene and like too? Leave me a comment to let me know.


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Image Credit: Some rights reserved by zakwitnij