The Four Hour Body Book Review

Four Hour Body Book Review
Get the Body You Want

I came across the new book by famous biohacker and author, Timothy Ferriss. The book is titled: The Four Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman.

Tim wrote another best seller book in the past called: “The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich“. I really liked his first book on how to change and optimise your working lifestyle setup. What I have read in his second book on how to change your health lifestyle he hasn’t disappointed me again.

I stumbled across some videos about the 4 hour body techniques. Tim explains more about his concept on how to get healthy, loss fat, solve long-term pain problems, increase fertility and more.

You can watch the videos below if you would like to understand more about the new Tim Ferris book The Four Hour Body and how Tim experimented on himself to get the results he did. It could be lifestyle changing for you.

The Four Hour Body Videos

I have add these videos below as a cheat sheet reminder for myself. You can get loads of helpful hints and tips in the book. However every little bit helps and getting to hear Tim explains his theories in different interviews I find helps me to understand what exactly I need to do and not do. Enjoy.

Video 1: The Trailer

I love this first 4 hour body video. It is the trailer for the book. I particularly like the part with the parkour flying trick. I wont say anymore, watch for yourself and tell me if you aren’t super inspired to want to get healthy after watching it.

Video 2: Tim Ferris TV Interview

Tim is interviewed on the TV show “The View” where he explains the 4 hours of getting better results from your body. There are practical examples of foods to eat, supplements, sleep machines, how to use ice to loss weight etc…

Video 3: The Four Hour Body Course Presentation

If you have the time and want a lot more cheats and tips then listen to Tim in these 6 videos. You can watch his talk at Twitter’s headquarters in his 4-Hour Body Presentation Questions & Answers session. He shares all about his findings on his health with self-experiments.

Video 4: The Dr Oz Show Interview

Tim Ferris was interviewed on the Dr Oz show. Dr Oz talked to Tim about what to do to achieve the four hour body lifestyle. Dr Oz says that his medical team investigated the claims made in The Four Hour Body and he was amazed at what they found. Here is the link to those three videos on the Dr Oz show.

Why Buy The Four Hour Body Book

I bet you probably are as interested, like me, in finding awesome health tips. The book is large and will take you awhile to get through the whole thing. Each chapter is fascinating, but the how to run better in less time and how to stimulate fat loss before eating a meal in a restaurant were very interesting.

Overall this book is a definite buy. I remember following Tim on twitter and seeing how he had a muscle biopsy down in Cape Town to test his theory. Someone who is willing to go to those sort of lengths wont be writing boring stuff.

You can get the book in both paperback and on Amazon Kindle instantly. I personally bought the paperback.

Hope you found my Four Hour Body Book review useful. Trust me what he shares is definitely not a scam. Have you tried out any of the health tips and tricks Tim talks about? Let me know in a comment below.