How to Give a Vitamin B Injection Properly

Have you ever had a Vitamin B injection in your bum cheek? Recently I came across a person who was wondering why they had such a pain in their left buttock. What made this case interesting was they didn’t link the intra-muscular (IM) injection to their current pain in the butt. He had the injection to help boost his energy for the start of the year.

If you want to know how your doctor, nurse, you or a loved one should give a gluteal intra-muscular injection then you can watch the video below.

How to Give a Proper Vitamin B Injection

As you can see from the above video it is not just a case of stick the needle in your bum and squeeze the Vitamin B liquid into the muscle.

In the case of the pain in the butt person I mentioned in the beginning what also went wrong, I think, was the nurse did it too quickly. He said the injection procedure was very sore at the time and he had a big bruise over his bum cheek for days after.

Ideally some key points to minimising the injection trauma would be, as seen in the video:

  • Injecting in the safe zone for a gluteal injection
  • Getting the angle into the muscle correct at 90°
  • Checking that you are not injecting into a blood vessel if you pull back and see blood
  • Injecting at a steady pace not as quick as possible

I remember once watching a GP doing a intra-muscle injection on a patient of mine in front of me. At the time she did it so quickly and she also didn’t take her time to follow all the above points.

I still remember seeing the lots of the liquid medicine ooze out the injection site after. I think this can happen more often especially in the oily injectables.

In the case of the pain in the butt person he even had a hard nodule in his skin over the injection point. That is what got me asking if he had an injection recently, which then lead onto the “aha” moment of linking the Vitamin B injection at the beginning of the year to when the left bum pain started.

He thought it was because he cycles 5 times a week and now has a piriformis syndrome. That is possible from sitting in a road bike saddle, but in this case I think it is more a case of trauma to the gluteal muscle from the injection.

So if you have some sort of Vitamin B injection to help give you energy and reduce fatigue, or really any other self-injections take care not to hurt yourself. This was another case of a bad injection being a real pain in the bum 🙂