Mindfulness Training: How To Control Stress Levels

How to Reduce Stress with Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training guru, Jon Kabat-Zinn, teaches you today in a 1 hour 25 minute video how to reduce stress today by using mindfulness training. Jon was at the Googleplex corporate headquarters complex of Google, Inc in 2007 presenting to Google employees what is mindfulness training and how to perform mindfulness training.

We are all living with some degree of stress in our lives. It is normal to have stress. However, prolonged stress will kill you I believe. A patient told me her mum had just died recently. She used to exercise everyday, never smoked and lead a ‘healthy lifestyle’. Except the patient felt she had lots of stress in her life running her own business. Can stress kill you? Jon Kabat-Zinn feels that we are still stone age people living in a permanently connected world. This is what can stress us out and cause burn out. If you have wanted to learn how to practice mindfulness meditation or wondered why people practice buddhist meditation or yoga meditation everyday then watch the video below to feel better today.

Calm Your Mind Now

Jon Kabat-Zinn is a professor of medicine emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Jon is also the founding Executive Director of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society and director of its renowned Stress Reduction Clinic.

Did you feel better after listening to Jon Kabat-Zinn mindfulness based stress reduction teaching in the video? I know I do.

Do you get a fuzzy head, feel you have a cotton wool brain, feeling some depression, suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? These are all symptoms that your mind is under pressure and you’re not coping.

Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) can be such a quick, powerful and sustainable way to fight off depression. It helped army recruits coming back from war. When I’m talking about depression I mean, just not feeling yourself. A time when you’re not expressing your full potential. Think of it like those days you feel clumsy with your speech or movement and you feel “I’m not firing all cylinders today, I’m just not with it”. What’s it?

Improve Your Awareness

I know the feeling that it is hard to do nothing. Creativity and awareness of yourself and the environment around you is what most of loss the ability to do.

Meditation is an act of love ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn quote

Do you want to improve your business meetings by actually being there. Do you want to not be distracted and be more productive at work. Jon recommends gently tapping a bell. for example, telling employes to sit in the meeting room for the first 5 minutes and listen to the chimes of a bell ringing. He says being able to focus on the sounds after the bell rings will help us get a lot more focus by calming the mind.

Jon tries to get us to listen to our senses. We use our five senses smell; sight; taste; touch and hearing to be aware of our space. When he teaches fellow doctors he tells them to take the desk away between the doctor and patient. This allows doctors to truly listen to a patient and engage with their health complaint. I have never liked having a desk in-between me and a Chiropractic patient. Health is Mind, Body and Soul. I also believe we don’t listen to our bodies until pain signals us to stop.

We only have moments in which to live ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn quote

Mind and brain may not be the same thing. Would you point to your head when you say where your mind is 🙂 If breathing depended on the conscious mind we’d be dead. The nervous system knows how to help our body better than us. Listen to your senses.

How to Meditate

  1. Start with a better posture. Sit upright or lay comfortably.
  2. Close your eyes, and feel your breath.

Being aware of your breathing you can focus on where your breathing from, maybe your chest hopefully from your diaphragm.

Focus on your breathing like your life depends on it because it really does ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn quote

Your mind will begin wandering. It’s the nature of the mind.

Don’t worry you’ll be thinking about the future or current worries. This is something called “future shock”. Every time you lose your focus on your breath acknowledge what is on your mind and what your thinking about. Know you can easily come back to the awareness of that moment your actually living in.


This can be so hard to do. Our minds have been trained to want entertainment all the time. Do you find you need to keep checking your mobile smartphone when in a queue or traveling in an elevator cos you can just do nothing. You even get apps, like Headspace, on the iPhone to practice mindfulness meditation. Silence is golden cos it is so hard to get with our busy heads.


You also get physical accessories to use to help put you in a state of ease and calm. This includes furniture items like padded yoga mats, benches, chairs, cushions & pillows, like I saw on Organic Daily Post. I personally find I like to use an item, like those mentioned, to help me get in the zone.

I have even played with acupressure mats that hurt a bit when you first lay down, but wow do they get the endorphins going. It reminds of the religious ceremonies in India where people lay on a bed of nails and stay so calm. Just nowhere near that level of course.

Meditation never comes to end because your breathing never ends. Formal meditation time can take seconds, minutes or hours. Just use awareness to live in the moment.

Problems With Meditation

Jon addressed the audience with their difficulties with meditating.

Do you fall asleep when trying to meditate?

Do you think you are sleep deprived. Try be aware that your falling asleep when meditating as apart of you may still be awake. Be motivated to meditate, but don’t worry everyone falls asleep at some stage when meditating. Just try get a healthy 8 hours sleep per night to help fix the problem. Jon feels there is a kind of rest you get from mindfulness cognitive behavioural therapy that we don’t always get in sleep. Think of insomniacs and a light sleeper.

Meditating is about falling awake but we tend to fall asleep. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn quote

Is it possible to meditate whilst moving?

Think of endurance sport when you hit the zone. I used to get that when I was rowing. Jon also mentioned helping the US Olympic rowing team. During a rowing race you have to meditate. You need to leave your body while it is in so much pain. However, an amazing race is when you are still aware where your boat is compared to the competition and how you can listen to a cox shout for more power. So the answer is yes you can be in that aware state of mind without having to close your eyes. Same as enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. You are doing mindfulness meditation.

Start Reducing Stress Today for Your Healths Sake

Having a healthy mind is apart of your health. I always follow the biopsychosocial model of health. Your health is made of your anatomy, your psychology and the kind of environment you are subjected to everyday. A patient in pain can help their pain by trying to fix their mind. A high risk cardiovascular patient can help their heart by not stressing their mind. Stress can kill us so stress reduction is vital and mindfulness training is a great way on how to reduce stress. Hope you enjoyed the Jon Kabat-Zinn talk.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by Todd Baker << technowannabe