Run in Shoes Like Your Barefoot

Learn How to Run Barefoot
Fix a Bad Shoe Running Technique

If you love the idea behind the barefoot running technique I found a video showing you how to run barefoot in shoes. Does that interest you. This very interesting video was made by Dr Marc Silberman, a sports physician in New Jersey USA.

Dr Silerman talks you through a running gait analysis video of a women patient of his. You can watch her running on a treadmill where she was going wrong and how she improved within in two weeks of running coaching. So If you are carrying some running or jogging injuries watch this video.

Learn How to Run Better in Shoes

You can see in the running gait analysis video below how Dr Silerman’s patient running biomechanics change over two weeks.

On the left side of the video pre-coaching the women:

  • Hits the ground first more with the heel and ankle very dorsiflexed,
  • Keeps the back foot on the ground longer,
  • Longer stride length.

After two weeks of practice on how to run more efficiently you can see the difference in her running technique.

On the right side of the video post coaching the women now:

  • Has a more spring-like stride,
  • Less dorsi-flexed ankle on foot strike,
  • Lifts the back leg closer to her bum (gluteals).

The Bottom Line

Do you want more slow motion video of running I have that for you in my how to run barefoot article.

They must be two of my favourite slow motion barefoot running gait analysis videos. The first shows you someone running in shoes and hitting the ground just like the women was on the left pre-coaching. The second slow motion running gait analysis video shows someone running barefoot and is like the women after two weeks of running technique coaching.

  • So what do you think of these running gait analysis videos?
  • Which running style is more like you?
  • Have you had a treadmill video analysis done on you and found it improved your running distance, energy, times, decreased injuries? Let me know in the comments below.