Sugar is a Poison: Let Me Explain!

Sugar is a Poisin
Sugar is Going to Get You

I know what your thinking sugar is a poison? The headline in the New York Times article I read today got the same reaction from me with its title “Is Sugar Toxic” by Gary Taubes. I must admit it was fascinating to read the article, then to read Gary’s reaction to comments on his article and finally watch the longest youtube video I have ever watched in my life so far titled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” by medical doctor, Robert Lustig.

I always like to think of a saying “food is medicine, what are you prescribing yourself?“. Lots of our lifestyle problems are because we have our basic daily health motivation wrong. We eat too much of the wrong things, we don’t exercise as much as we need and we don’t generally stay in a positive frame of mind so we feel less chronic stress. Find out more about why sugar is being called a poison or toxin for our bodies.

Sugar: The Good and the Bad

Sugar is a carbohydrate that can be either glucose, sucrose and fructose.

Journalist Gary Taubes and professor of paediatrics, Dr Robert Lustig, don’t have much of a problem with glucose. They do have a big problem with sucrose and fructose.

What I learnt from the above article and video was in the US lots of foods have taken out glucose and replaced it fructose from corn syrup.

If you have ever watched that movie Food Inc. you’ll see why corn syrup is so abundant in the USA.

Fructose is also sweeter than normal sugar and cheaper for food manufacturer.

Some interesting points I got from them was:

  • Fructose causes metabolic syndrome (hypertension, diabetes, obesity),
  • Fructose does the same as bad fat,
  • Children can be obese by 6 months old,
  • Calories In = Calories Out weight control is wrong,
  • Low fat diet haven’t stopped the world getting sicker.

These are just some of the interesting things I heard and read. What it did definitely do was made me think about putting that spoon of sugar in my coffee today and just thinking about my need for sugar, and can I do something about it.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth video

I got two versions of video to watch for you the short and long one.

#1 Short Video

An ABC interview with Dr Lustig on his views on sugar. Gives you a quick synopsis.

#2 Long Video

I must warn you the lecture video is 1 hour 29 minutes long. There is some heavy biochemistry in the middle, which Dr Lustig does warn you about, so you can skip that part but if you can I’d recommend it.

This video is like a Michael Moore movie. That could be good or bad depends if you like Michael Moore documentary movies.

Sugar is a Poison Book

Gary Taubes wrote a book titled “Why We Get Fat”, which is about his investigation into the effects of sugar on our health.

I liked Gary’s style of writing in his New York Times article on sugar, so I’m sure the books are good as well.

The Diet Delusion
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There is the original sugar is bad book titled “Pure, White and Deadly” by author John Yudkin.

This is the book that inspired Dr Lustig in his study on sugar health side-effects.

If you get through all this information I’d like to hear how did it make you feel about the sugar you consume? Is it going to change your feelings about what you decide to eat in the future? Would you also now say sugar is a poison or toxin?