Is Google Making Us Stupid

I stumbled across a great read today called “Is Google Making Us Stupid”. This article is discussing how our minds are being re-shaped by how we use the internet. I must admit that what is being said in The Atlantic article by Nicholas Carr, about skimming information on the web and in books is so true for me.

When you get used to jumping on the net and Googling something you want to know it seems to become intuitive to rather data mine and scan sentences in articles rather than actually stop and read the full article and then think what is being said. Being a fan of understanding neuroplasticity I would agree our brains are being re-modelled according to what we are presented on the internet. I found the complete pdf for you to read.

Is Google Making Us Stupid Article

So I think the following article¬† “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” is a great read and I would definitely say it was one of those stop and think what you just read pieces. You can read “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” below. Enjoy!

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