Lance Armstrong’s Chiropractor: Who Is Dr Jeffery Spencer?

Lance Armstrong's Chiropractor
Lance Armstrong’s Body

Chiropractic is used by many professional sports individuals and teams in their multi-discplinary care for injury prevention and performance. In the following videos you can watch interviews with Dr Jeff Spencer, chiropractor for 7-time Tour de France cycling champion Lance Armstrong.

Jeff is a US doctor of chiropractic, who is employed by many professional sports teams to keep athletes participating in an event. Jeff has worked with professional sportspeople like PGA golfer Tiger Woods, NASCAR racers, pro cyclists and more professional sport athletes. So enjoy listening to what it is like to work with a professional sports team.

Lance Armstrong’s Chiropractor

So you heard Dr Jeff Spencer, chiropractor, relating about his time working with Lance Armstrong and US Cycling Team in the first video. You also got to hear Jeff talking about using cold laser therapy from the company Erchonia. If you use twitter then you can follow and tweet Jeff Spencer on twitter.

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