Magnesium Supplements: The Amazing Mineral for Your Nerves

Magnesium Supplements
Essential Magnesium

Have you ever thought of taking magnesium (Mg) supplements to help with  healing your nerves? I’m currently on a quest to do self-experimentation using different natural supplements. My aim is for an improved nervous system and I must say, my magnesium is definitely working. [Update Oct 2016: I use this every day myself now as I feel the benefits]

Working long hours in a clinic, family life with a one year-old and other business commitments has taken a toll on me this past year. I was feeling fatigued and not my normal self. I knew it is time to try find a solution so that I can still do what I need to do in my normal day.

Having recently done so much reading, listening to various health podcasts, and experimenting with a low-carb high-fat diet I have had a quick crash course in nutrition both mentally and physically. Today I want to tell you why I think you need to consider taking magnesium everyday in order to have a happier brain and nerves.

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Newcastle Diabetes Diet: Very Low Calorie Diet Fixes Type 2 Diabetics

Test For Diabetes
Testing Your Blood Sugar Levels

In the news is the latest research on type 2 diabetes normalising their sugar levels on the diabetes diet coming out of Newcastle. This has caught the attention of the national press and news agencies because of the dramatic changes the 11 type 2 diabetic participants achieved in the study¹ which was published in the June 2011 edition of the journal, Diabetologia.

So with all the excitement created in the news I wanted to know what is this new special diabetes diet, and how exactly is this new diabetic diet different or drastic from existing nutritional recommendations for type 2 diabetics. I would need to read what does the actual Newcastle research paper say. Well your in luck as I have been able to find it online and added all this information below for you to read.

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Sugar is a Poison: Let Me Explain!

Sugar is a Poisin
Sugar is Going to Get You

I know what your thinking sugar is a poison? The headline in the New York Times article I read today got the same reaction from me with its title “Is Sugar Toxic” by Gary Taubes. I must admit it was fascinating to read the article, then to read Gary’s reaction to comments on his article and finally watch the longest youtube video I have ever watched in my life so far titled “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” by medical doctor, Robert Lustig.

I always like to think of a saying “food is medicine, what are you prescribing yourself?“. Lots of our lifestyle problems are because we have our basic daily health motivation wrong. We eat too much of the wrong things, we don’t exercise as much as we need and we don’t generally stay in a positive frame of mind so we feel less chronic stress. Find out more about why sugar is being called a poison or toxin for our bodies.

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What Nutrition Is In Your Fast Food?

Burger and Chips
What’s In Your Take-Away Food?

Did you hear about the “Twinkie Diet” recently in the news? It was the experiment diet a nutrition professor in the US tried on himself. Mark Haub was eating junk food like twinkies, nutty bars and doughnuts and actually lost weight! How did that happen by eating convenience foodstuff like fast food?

Then I saw today on Google zeitgiest that in 2010 the 4th fastest rising health search term on Google was “mcdonalds nutrition”.This got me thinking what nutrition is in your fast food? So I thought I’d get the nutrition values for some of the UK’s most popular fast food and take-away restaurants. So what do you think is better for you a Big Mac or a slice of Domino’s pizza, have a look for yourself below.

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Vitamin C For Shingles Pain Relief

Vitamin C For Pain Relief
Vit C for Pain Relief

I came across a very interesting article today talking about using Vitamin C to help the nerve pain a.k.a neuropathic pain condition, postherpetic neuralgia.

Postherpetic neuralgia is also known as shingles. Shingles is caused by the herpes zoster virus affecting the nerves causing pain, usually in the intercostal (rib) nerves of the chest. What I found interesting was in the recent study by Chen et al. was that they helped to reduce the patients pain significantly using the anti-oxidant, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

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Probiotics Yogurt for Gut Problems

Having experienced a case of gastroenteritis (tummy bug) recently I thought I had better try to help my gut and immune system by using some probiotics. It got me wondering what some of the thinking is on probiotics, how much and which probiotic strain or probiotic yogurt or product do you have to take to be of benefit? Nutrition is another aspect to health for sure and they say your gut Well here are some of the articles I came across, which, I think cover the basics on what you need to know about probiotics.

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Vitamin D Role In Preventing Chronic Lower Back Pain

Low Vitamin D Levels and Pain Vitamin D has been linked in a recent article, to play an important contributing factor as to why people might be suffering from chronic lower back pain.  You could be asking yourself “what is it?” and “Why is it so important for keeping our spines healthy?”.

That is what I wanted to look further into today. I wanted to help explain the role that Vitamin D plays in helping to keep our spines healthy and why it can help to prevent chronic back pain.

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