Poor Posture is a Problem: A Day In The Life Of Your Spine

Poor Posture
Poor Posture Getting You Down

Have you ever thought your posture might be causing you a back problem? I came across a funny but thought-provoking video with the eye-catching title “A Day In The Life Of a Human Spine“.

The reason I liked this particular video is because it addresses the common question I get as a chiropractor: “Does my posture have anything to do with my back pain?“. Well the answer is yes! I think everyone knows how a bad posture can cause back or neck pain at some stage. Neck pain or backache for most people is either caused by poor posture development or a bad posture habit we learn from sitting too long. This all eventually leads to a problem in your nerves, muscles or skeletal system.

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Straighten Up UK: Free Back Pain Exercises

Straighten Up UK Spinal Exercises
Back Pain Exercises

Straighten Up UK is a free spinal exercise and posture exercise programme initiative headed up in Great Britain by the British Chiropractic Association. The aim of the Straighten Up UK back exercises programme aim to promote spinal health and self-management tools for keeping your back healthy.

Having a better back will improve the quality of life of countless numbers of people. Movement is a basic need for optimal health. Movement is a form of medicine you can prescribe yourself. Why not read on to see how you can Straighten Up UK back pain exercises to try keep your spine healthy today. Oh and don’t worry these movements definitely do not involve someone standing on your back like the picture shows happening in Bikram yoga.

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