Best Lumbar Support Cushions

Have you been feeling that you need some extra support for your lower back when sitting down? Does your lower back ache when sitting? What you can do is use a good lumbar support cushion. Why? These cushions are designed to: However, which one should you choose? Top Rated Back Support Cushions Below you will find … Read more

Kinesio Tape: Coloured Kinesiology Taping on Athletes

Kinesio Tape

You may have recently seen that coloured tape used on athletes on TV. You might be wondering what exactly is that special tape on your favourite sportsman or woman and why they are wearing it on their skin.

I wanted to find out more about Kinesio® Tex Tape and why the kinesio taping method is used by different healthcare professionals, like chiropractors and physiotherapists, around the world on both their amateur or professional sport patients and their regular clinic patients.

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Don’t Die Early Book by Rocky Angelucci: My Positive Review

Don't Die Early Book Review
Don’t Die Early Author Rocky Angelucci

I love those books you start reading and end up not being able to put it down because it’s just such a good story you just need to know what happens at the end. These kind of awesome reading events are normally reserved for the latest fictional novel series to hit the book stores and definitely not for a book about health.

Well, prepared to be pleasantly surprised and, I hope, youthfully excited about knowing how to really test your state of health, your state of wellness.

Have I got your attention yet? I just finished reading the kindle ebook titled “Don’t Die Early: The Life You Save Can Be Your Own” by Rocky Angelucci and I wanted to blog about it straight away. In today’s post I needed to let you know why I’m excited by what I learnt, why I’m going to be recommending this book to my Chiropractic patients and a for you to hear my book review.

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Eggshell Membrane Supplement: Why It’s Good for Your Joints

Eggshell Membrane Joint Supplement

Yup you read that right, the headline says how taking eggshell membrane supplements can help to reduce your joint ache. People like to ask me if they should be taking health supplements to help with their knee osteoarthritis, hip joint pain, back pain and general joint aches. I believe good nutrition is very important for our overall health and plays a big part in muscle, joint and nerve pain management, as I mentioned in the deflame diet.

Most people know, or have heard about, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for knee osteoarthritis. I stumbled across how there is a new joint support supplement called BiovaFlex™ which is made up of the natural eggshell membrane (a.k.a NEM). I know I had to find out more, like you want to now know, about “how can taking membrane from an eggshell be good for us?”

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How the Blue Wiggle Got a Better Back

I like reading stories how people turned their lives around to the positive and I read another one today about Anthony Field the Blue Wiggle from the kids show “The Wiggles“. Anthony had chronic pain when performing shows and was apparently in a bad way with his back pain and general chronic pain. I thought … Read more

Buy Biofreeze Online: Natural Pain Relieving Rub Gel

Biofreeze is a rub on pain relief gel that many people and chiropractors use in the UK and around the world on sore areas of their body. I remember coming across Biofreeze gel on a Chiropractic conference in the USA back in the early 2000’s for the first time. I know how people who are looking … Read more

Essentia: Natural Memory Foam Pillows and Mattresses

Essentia Organic Memory Foam

Recently I cam across a new very different memory foam manufacturer called, Essentia. I am definitely a fan of memory foam pillows and mattresses for their effect on my quality sleep for my overall health and my neck posture in particular. I have been exposed to lots of different manufacturers of memory foam pillows and mattresses like Tempur pedic pillows and Tempur pedic mattresses over the years. What caught my eye with Essentia is their slogan “World’s Only Natural Memory Foam“. Today I want to share with you more info on the Essentia memory foam history and the Essentia natural memory foam pillow and mattress product range.

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Deflame Diet: How to Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods For Pain Relief

We all realise how food choices in our diets affects our general health and well-being. Even in muscle or joint pain inflammatory conditions like gout or arthritis, diet plays a pivotal role. This point really came home recently for me again, when after years of telling my mum about using food as a medicine and eating anti-inflammatory … Read more

Inversion Table Therapy for Low Back Pain

Maybe you have heard about inversion therapy for low back pain from a friend or know someone who swears by this type of lumbar traction. Hanging by your ankles on an inversion table is quite an appealing idea for some low back pain sufferers who feel if only someone could stretch them out to release … Read more

The Four Hour Body Book Review

Four Hour Body Book Review
Get the Body You Want

I came across the new book by famous biohacker and author, Timothy Ferriss. The book is titled: The Four Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman.

Tim wrote another best seller book in the past called: “The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich“. I really liked his first book on how to change and optimise your working lifestyle setup. What I have read in his second book on how to change your health lifestyle he hasn’t disappointed me again.

I stumbled across some videos about the 4 hour body techniques. Tim explains more about his concept on how to get healthy, loss fat, solve long-term pain problems, increase fertility and more.

You can watch the videos below if you would like to understand more about the new Tim Ferris book The Four Hour Body and how Tim experimented on himself to get the results he did. It could be lifestyle changing for you.

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An Interview with Foot Levelers About Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers

Foot-Levelers-logoAs you may have read previously that Foot Levelers is going to be doing a 2 day seminar at the AECC.

Today you can read my interview with Foot Levelers asking them some frequently asked questions about what they do to improve your footwear support and body with their spinal pelvic satbilizers. Today’s interview is with Jamie Greenawalt, Director of International Business at Foot Levelers.

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Foot Levelers CPD Course: AECC Nov 2010

Foot Levelers CPD Course

I was excited to see today that Foot Levelers are going to be doing a course at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth in November.

You may remember how I wear custom-made orthotics in my shoes everyday which are made by Foot Levelers. So knowing that Foot Levelers are finally going to be in the UK I think is great for both for UK chiropractors and their patients. If there are any chiropractors who have been thinking about adding foot scans to their clinic in assessing and helping patients then I can highly recommend the Associate Platinum scanner made by Foot Levelers and their custom made orthotics they call spinal pelvic stabilizers.

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Heal Your Bulging Disc Book by Dr Ron Daulton Jnr

Heal Your Bulging Disc Book
Book by Chiropractor, Dr Ron Daulton Jnr

There are many people who are searching and reading online at this health blog for help with nerve entrapment pain. This normal comes from suffering a pinched nerve either in their neck or lower back. So I went looking myself for what is available to buy online. This is when I came across the ebook titled: “Heal Your Bulging Disc” by Dr Ron Daulton, Jnr.

Ron is a chiropractor based in the USA. Apparently, he has had many patients come into his clinic with a nerve being trapped with pain referring down their arm or leg. He decided to write a book on his experience with these types of patients who have spinal disc conditions like a herniated disc or bulging disc. From what I have read, this was so he could help those that he couldn’t physically see in his private practice.

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How Safe is Your Health: Trigene Germ Disinfectant

Bacteria Disinfectant
Bacteria Disinfectant

In the UK there is a problem in the healthcare industry, particularly hospitals, with bad bugs or super bugs causing secondary hospital infection problems in patients. These germs include: bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

Other than super bugs in hospitals these germs are all around us in all the spaces we live in. This is our social places like homes and playgrounds and even your workplace. So what disinfectant could you use to help minimise excessive exposure to dangerous types of germs around you? I personally use a product called Trigene in the Chiropractic clinic to help disinfect all my therapy equipment. Since I think it is such a great product in todays post I just wanted to let you know all about what is Trigene and how does it work.

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Chiropractic T-Shirts: Medication Side-Effects Danger

I got this photo of a Chiropractic T-shirt in a forward email today from another chiropractor looking at the cascade of prescription medication side effects. I think if you read what is on the shirt you’ll get the humorous, but serious health message on it. A medication can have side-effects, which then needs other medications to solve that problem.

Keeping things simple in life is sometimes the better option for your health, and the easiest. Unfortunately there are many people out there taking too many chronic prescription medicines.

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Foot Levelers Shoe Orthotics

Foot-Levelers-logoYou may have read my post onorthotic insoles and saw I mentioned Foot Levelers Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers. Foot Levelers make a custom-made orthotic insole that can be inserted in shoes and sandals for your feet to help improve your spinal health.

Foot Levelers the company was originally started by Monte Greenawalt, a US chiropractor, over 55 years ago. So Foot Levelers have been manufacturing custom-made orthotic insoles for shoes for many years which they like to call Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers.

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Why I Wear Orthotics In My Shoes

Lady's Feet
Love Your Feet

Today I want to talk about orthotic insoles for your shoes. The reason I love orthotic insoles is because I personally wear my shoe inserts everyday of my life. I was recommended to wear orthotic insoles for a chronic intermittent lower back pain I would experience from time to time since my teenage years.

To help manage the lower back pain episodes and to try keep them away I thought I needed to try and use orthotic insoles in my shoes to try help prevent another lower back pain episode.  So I thought today I would tell you a little more of my personal journey in wearing orthotic insoles to help manage lower back pain.

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How To Choose The Best Pillow For Your Neck

Choose Best Cervical Pillow
Choosing The Best Pillow For Your Neck

So many patients have come into my chiropractic clinic before and asked me what I think is the best cervical neck pillow for them to sleep on tonight. I do believe that a good cervical neck pillow is important in helping you sleep better and especially for neck pain and headache sufferers.

Today I want to give you some information about how to choose the best cervical neck pillow for you. I will help you in your decision making to when deciding which pillow to sleep on is best for your neck. i will share with you my personal story why I believe so much in having a supportive pillow for your neck is essential, the different types of pillows available on the market and links to some of my favourite pillows.

The goal is to help you find your perfect pillow.

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What is Low Level Laser Therapy Used For?

Low Level Laser Therapy Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is also commonly known as biostimulation, photobiomodulation & cold laser therapy. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a form of phototherapy that involves the application of low power monochromatic and coherent light to injuries and lesions to stimulate healing.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is used to increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair, resolve inflammation and give pain relief. The effects of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) are especially striking in areas of the body where cells are under stress. Today, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) are used in a variety of medical and surgical fields, including chiropractic, dentistry, osteopathic, physiotherapy, cosmetic, pain attenuation, diabetic wound healing and acupuncture to name but a few.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is being used by chiropractors and other healthcare practitioners for many problems like neck pain relief and low back pain relief. What is Cold Laser Therapy and why would a chiropractor treat you using cold laser therapy. The following video should help explain more to you about cold laser therapy.