Lower Back Pain Unable to Bend Over: See This Quick Relief Story

lower back pain unable to bend overI came across a video about lower back pain and sciatica today that is amazing to see the pain relief change in someone so fast. You may have heard of people hobbling into the chiropractor on crutches or being carried in by others only to walk out standing up and in less pain.

The video below shows you one of those times when a patient can come in with severe low back pain and can’t stand up straight then end up leaving the chiropractor being able to walk upright.

Fast Relief from Lower Back Pain & Unable to Bend Over

Jim’s Bad Back Story

The patient, Jim, is first seen to be wriggling in agony with pain in his lower back and down his left leg. He has lower back pain unable to bend over. He can’t stand up straight for the lumbar x-ray and needs to keep bending forward for pain relief and even tries to smack his left leg to relieve the trapped nerve pain in his leg.

The Lower Back Pain Examination

The analysis section in the video shows Jim in lots of pain when his left low back region is touched. It looks like it is in the lumbosacral area, which is where the L5-S1 disc is.

The digital x-rays of Jim show degenerative changes in the L4-5-S1 area. I can see osteophytes and decreased disc height and what looks like a slight degenerative scoliosis in the low back region. So possible disc herniation or lumbar facet syndrome case.

The chiropractor, Ian Rossborough, is using a Chiropractic technique called, Gonstead Technique which uses measurements on x-ray to help determine what the problem is in the spine. This is typically done by chiropractors who solely use Gonstead technique.

Jim makes a passing comment that he has taken probably 40 anti-inflammatory pain pills over the weekend to try get low back pain relief, but got no relief from the pain. This is not an uncommon comment patients make when they have severe low back pain saying they have taken so much pain medication, with no pain relief. Please be careful as I have seen people take so many pain killers they caused themselves acute liver damage. Too many pills can cause harm.

Jim’s Lower Back Pain Treatment

The chiropractor is using a Gonstead Chiropractic table which is perfectly flat and not in different sections like other chiropractic treatment tables you may have seen.

He then does what is a called a Chiropractic adjustment, which is spinal manipulation. You can see it is done very fast to achieve what is called a high velocity, low amplitude force in the spinal joints whilst Jim is lying on his right shoulder. This is to try help get movement in the low back joints.

Straight away Jim then goes for a short walk to try get motion back in his muscles to help create a pump-action to remove some inflammatory fluid in his lower back. I think it is pretty cool to see him get up easier and be able to stand up straight away after seeing how sore he was in the x-ray room earlier in the day.

He then gets a second adjustment Chiropractic adjustment in the same L5-S1 area after going for a bit of a walk first. This is to try help his pain to settle and try prevent the back spasm coming back so strong. He mentions lumbar spinal surgery jokingly, which unfortunately in certain low back pain cases is needed, thankfully not in this situation for Jim.

He is then told to go for another walk and use some ice packs on his low back to act as a natural pain-killer and natural anti-inflammatory. I find ice packs for acute low back pain very effective in helping to reduce pain levels. usually the rule is ice pack in a covered sheath like a tea towel on the back pain area for 20 minutes then wait one hour and repeat again.

Three Days Later Results

As you saw three days after the initial treatment visit Jim is much happier with his back pain. He is able to sit and stand bend over and move in a more natural pain-free way.

It is amazing to see how the body can fix itself and how a severe low back pain can be resolved quickly in this case.

If you’re in Australia the clinic this video was filmed at was “Chiropractic Excellence” in Parkdale within Melbourne‘s Bayside area.

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Image Credit: Some rights reserved by Rennett Stowe