Mercury Amalgams: Should You Get Rid of Those Silver Fillings?

Silver Amalgams In My Mouth
Mercury Amalgams: Stay or Go?

Have you ever wondered should you remove those old mercury fillings in your mouth? I watched a 2008 documentary movie called “The Beautiful Truth” the other night where I got to see for the first time ever what happens when you scratch old silver fillings in teeth. Holy cow, I never realised that I could have smoking teeth!

I needed to do some online research around this health debate of changing old mercury amalgams to newer white composite fillings. I wanted to read about the pros and cons, then see some videos about this debate to hopefully help me make a decision. I wanted to know if I should take the time to find a dentist who will change my years old silver fillings for the supposedly healthier white fillings. I hope you’ll enjoy some what I have to show you that I found. I’m definitely worried about my health now after seeing my search results. The videos right at the end are fascinating to see instant differences in someone when they find a problem tooth.

Should You Change Your Mercury Fillings?

Well a good place to start your learning process, I think, is this easy to watch video from the ITV Tonight programme titled “What’s In Your Mouth?” which aired on Feb 16 2009.

In this video you’ll see presenter, Morland Sanders, interviewing: various dentists, the chief dental officer for England, the chief executive for the British Dental Association (BDA) and patients who have had their old silver fillings removed.

Interesting right?

Are you as concerned as to how un-reassuring the responses from the chief dental officer and CE for the BDA were to the questions asked?

I’m sure you are now feeling like I was when I first came across this topic and said to yourself: “I want more information about this mercury fillings stuff.”

Personally I have four old silver fillings that a dentist put in my bottom molar teeth on either side when I was about 10 years old. I have never questioned having them in my teeth until now.

Though there have been times I hated the fillings. Especially when I would have a night drinking apple cider as a Chiropractic student in Bournemouth and the next day I wouldn’t be able to chew because my teeth where so sensitive. Then there are the times I can get a metal taste in my mouth from the some substance etching my fillings. Little did I know my mercury amalgams could be outgassing dangerous mercury vapor fumes!

Ever Seen How Teeth Can Smoke?

In this next video your going to be amazed to see what happens. It is from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) titled Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas. You now get to see what I saw in “The Beautiful Truth” documentary, where I watched dentists scrape an extracted tooth that had a mercury amalgam.

Watch a tooth from a 25 year-old being cleaned like a dental hygienist, drilled like a dentist, rinsed with water at body temperature all in front of a green phosfluorescent screen. It shows how mercury gas leaves the tooth each time you may chew on or grind your teeth. David Kennedy, a US dentist, narrates the video and explains the research studies showing the dangers of mercury.

Key points for me from this video were:

  • The mercury fumes continuously emit for at least one and a half hours after stimulus,
  • Predominant source of exposure to mercury metal is from our silver fillings,
  • All mercury fillings leak mercury,
  • Mercury has been shown to accumulate in the kidneys, intestine, liver, jaw and brain of animals,
  • Possible consequences are amalgam filling first, then root canal and crown repair for broken tooth and eventually tooth is removed for an implant. I have seen this happen in others.

How To Safely Remove Mercury Fillings

It would seem, Dr Hal Huggins, is a pioneer in the field of dentistry who created a protocol on how to remove mercury fillings properly with the safety of both the patient and dentist’s health in mind.

Huggins Protocol

Hal believes he has a step by step technique to make sure you try to detox ok from the mercury exposure as safely as possible and to minimise mercury absorption from the removal procedure with his Huggins Protocol.

The IAOMT, mentioned above, created a video for patients and dentists to see what they believe are the actions and tools needed to correctly remove old silver fillings from a patient. It is quite in-depth with what is needed because mercury is a highly toxic substance. I have never seen this stuff in a dentist’s office, have you?

Some interesting pointers for me on a safest procedure method were:

  • “Cut and Chunk Technique” to minimise mercury debris,
  • Gas masks for doctor and oxygen mask for patient not just a surgical mask,
  • Stuff cotton wool or a use a rubber dam,
  • Consider the 7-14-21 day immune response time,
  • Take Vitamin C and chlorella prior to the procedure and activated charcoal afterwards to try chelate the heavy metal effect.

Recommended Heavy Metal Detox Supplements

  • #1 Vitamin C
    Dosing with an anti-oxidant like Vit C is a well known detox supplement. Some people believe in mega dosing for either short or long-term health benefits. I personally like to take the liposomal form of vitamin C which you can click here to buy on Amazon
  • #2 Chlorella
    Sourced from fresh water algae this famous chelating agent helps to improve the master anti-oxidant in our bodies which is glutathione.  Some people also like to take cilantro in conjunction with chlorella as they feel it help remove 80% of heavy metals in the body. To get some chlorella you can click here to buy on Amazon.
  • # 3 Activated Charcoal
    This stuff is power! Did you know activated charcoal is used in A&E (a.k.a hospital emergency department) to help bind to toxins fast. Emergency detox situations would be from taking poisonous tablets or accidental drug overdose. This means activated charcoal is a must to help get rid of toxins from the gut, bloodstream and lymphatic system. To get some activated charcoal you can click here to buy on Amazon.

Health Benefits From Removing Your Old Fillings

Most of this fuss has been made because mercury is a neurotoxin. This means mercury is not good for your nervous system which are your nerves, spinal cord and brain.

This is one of my main concerns as I’m currently on a mission to read and research supplements and procedures that could help you maintain a super healthy nervous system. I do enjoy helping people get rid of trapped nerve pain.

Chronic exposure to a heavy metal can affect your nervous system and I think in some people mercury fillings could be a cause.

Before and After Case Studies

When I was a student studying Chiropractic years ago I was exposed to the observations of a chiropractor, Simon King, who practises applied kinesiology.

Simon showed us videos of people stimulating their silver fillings or gold crowns & how that negatively affected their ability to control their muscle power.

At the time it was mind blowing & I couldn’t believe what I saw! It really confused me as to how can that be & what is causing that?

Simon teaches a proprioception medicine course that he calls – afferent input. In his CPD course he explains this phenomena of mercury amalgam exposure and outgassing deteriorating the health of some.

Watch the same videos I did in these three examples from Simons’ observations on how badly silver fillings and dental crowns can affect muscle power.

The Bottom Line

As with everything in this world you have polar ends and averages. I do believe there are those that will have no conscious health effects from silver fillings, but then there is likely to be some who do have negative health changes. Mercury outgassing is not a normal thing that our immune systems should be exposed to everyday. There are no health benefits to mercury.

This is, as always, a personal informed consent decision you will need to make for whatever reason. I have my own reasons and beliefs on what I want to achieve with my body and health. I have added some extra reading for you at the end of this post from both the British Dental Association and the IAOMT. Read both sides and make up your own mind on this one.

If you have had mercury amalgams taken out and feel a difference, or not, I’d love to hear the process you went through and your feelings having been there, done that. If you’re looking at finding a dentist in your area who says they tick all the boxes to safely remove the old fillings please let everyone know with a comment below so others can get a heads up on ‘biological or holistic’ dentists with the know how.

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