Tempur Foam Mattress Review

Tempur Foam MattressHave you ever wondered what is one of the best memory foam mattresses available for you to sleep on? I think you might want to consider a Tempur foam mattress.

Tempur Pedic beds are a popular choice for people looking for to buy a new mattress that will provide a good nights sleep. Read more in this post about the range of memory foam mattresses available if you are considering buying this type of bed compared to a traditional spring mattress.

Why Sleep on a Memory Foam Bed?

As mentioned already, Tempur Pedic mattresses are manufacturer of memory foam (visocelastic foam) bedding. Here is the companies official answer as to why Tempur material is different to other memory foam brands on the market.

Here is a short video on the history of the connection between TEMPUR® and NASA.

I believe sleeping on memory foam mattress at home is one of the best beds to sleep on for your back health. This is because memory foam beds apply less pressure on your whole body compared to traditional mattresses made of metal springs or high density foams. This type of pressure relieving foam has been shown to create fewer hot spots especially on high pressure contact points when sleeping like shoulders, hips and ankles.

You can also get a Tempur pillow to compliment the mattress and get the full experience.

The Tempur Pedic Mattress Range

Tempur beds come in a variety of bed sizes, memory foam thicknesses and feels from firm (hard) to soft (gentle).

If your existing mattress is still new and without dips in it then you may want to save money and put a memory foam mattress topper on instead of buying a whole new memory foam mattress. This means your existing mattress is acting like a base for the Tempur foam.

The Tempur Pedic® mattress range below, when combined with a Tempur Pedic® pillow, would provide the most pressure relieving effect on the whole body. Or as the company likes to say:

“Soft where you want it, Firm where you need it™”

Tempur® Original Mattresses

  1. Tempur® Original Mattress 21

  2. Tempur® Original Deluxe Mattress 22

  3. Tempur® Original Deluxe Mattress 27

Tempur® Cloud Matresses

  1. Tempur® Cloud Mattress 21

  2. Tempur® Cloud Deluxe Mattress 22

  3. Tempur® Cloud Deluxe Mattress 27

Tempur® Sensation Matresses

  1. Tempur® Sensation Mattress 21

  2. Tempur® Sensation Deluxe Mattress 22

  3. Tempur® Sensation Deluxe Mattress 27

Tempur Pedic Mattress Sizes

Here is a list of the various mattress sizes available. So you have the perfect size for the bedroom you are going to put it in. Measurements are in Width x Length x Height.

Single Size Mattress

  • 90x185x20 | Single mattress
  • 90x200x15 | Single mattress
  • 90x200x20 | Single mattress

Double Size Mattress

  • 135x185x20 | Double mattress
  • 135x200x15 | Double mattress
  • 135x200x20 | Double mattress

Queen Size Mattress

  • 150x185x20 | Queen mattress
  • 150x200x15 | Queen mattress
  • 150x200x20 | Queen mattress

King Size Mattress

  • 180x185x20 | King mattress
  • 180x200x15 | King mattress
  • 180x200x20 | King mattress

Where to Buy a Tempur Pedic Mattress in The UK

You can buy your official Tempur Pedic mattress directly from Tempur UK by calling 08000 111 083.

You may also find your local chiropractor may stock other Tempur sleep products like their pillows. They might be able to source you a Tempur memory foam mattress directly for you. So why not ask you local Chiropractic clinic the next time your there for a treatment.