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Tempur Pedic PillowTempur Pedic® is a popular brand in the sleep industry and is known for its memory foam (visco-elastic foam) pillows and mattresses. Tempur pillows are used to help improve sleep through pressure relieving memory foam. The memory foam is slow conforming and will take on the shape placed on it, like your back or head or neck. You can get this memory foam product in both a pillow or Tempur Pedic® mattresses.

Chiropractors have been supplying Tempur products to their patients ever since the company began in Sweden years ago. If you are looking for an orthopaedic, doctor recommended pillow then have a look at their range of pillows below.

Why Choose a Tempur Pillow?

Pillow from NASA
NASA Space Agency Certification

Tempur® is the only memory foam manufacturing company to be given the NASA “Certified Technology” Seal. This mark verifies that the underlying product technology was derived from America’s efforts and experiments in Space.

The company make many types of pressure relieving pillows: from flat ones to curved ones and all in different sizes.

Having the correct pillow for your neck can make a massive difference to your sleep. So it is important to consider a good memory foam pillow if you are suffering from chronic headaches and neck ache and stiffness in the morning.

The Complete Tempur Pillow Range

Below are the different types, sizes (small, medium, large, queen, king) and prices of pillows on sale online:

Tempur® Original Pillow

tempur_original_pillowHigh curved and small curved ends designed to support the natural cervical lordosis curve in the neck when on your back. Comes in small, medium & large.

Tempur® Classic Pillow

tempur_classic_pillowNormal looking pillow with the pressure relieving properties of Tempur foam. Comes in small, medium & large.

Tempur® Millennium Pillow

Tempur Millennium PillowCut away in the centre for people who like to sleep on their sides. Comes in small, medium & large

Tempur® Deluxe Pillow

Tempur Deluxe PillowThe softest pillow from Tempur covered in satin. Comes in one size.

Tempur® Symphony Pillow

Tempur Symphony PillowPillow can be used on both edges with one side more of a traditional feel with the other bit more supportive with a gentle arch. Comes in small, medium & large.

Tempur® Travel Pillow

Tempur Travel Pillow

Need to take your Tempur pillow with you then the travel pillow can be used on airplanes business class and first class travel and staying in hotels on holiday or business. Comes in one size.

Tempur® Transit Pillow

Tempur Transit PillowThis is the smallest neck pillow by Tempur. The Tempur transit pillow is designed to when traveling in a car, train, or plane. Wraps around your neck to support it when sleeping seated.

Tempur® Cloud Pillow

Tempur Cloud PillowThis Tempur pillow is made with a specially developed Tempur Extra-Soft (ES) material, to create a balance of softness and support. Ideal for those who want the Tempur pillow support with a softer pillow feel.

Tempur® Sensation Pillow

Tempur Sensation PillowThis Tempur pillow gives you the comfort and support of the traditional Tempur pillow, but has been designed to complement the look of the Sensation Mattress Collection.

My Tempur Pedic Pillow Review

Personally, I the best pillow for me are either the classic shape or the symphony pillow.

I’m not such a fan of contour shaped memory foam pillows as I think the foam will adjust to your needs not you to the foams. However, everyone is different when it comes to their sleeping habits and experimenting with different pillow shapes is needed sometimes. That is why Tempurpedic has created a large range of memory foam pillows for customers around the world.

Where to Buy Tempur Pillows

Buy Any Tempur Pillows On Amazon By Clicking Here

You could click on any of the buy now links above to purchase a specific make of pillow for anywhere in the world from the worlds trusted online shop, Amazon US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and more.

You may also find that your local chiropractor stocks Tempur-Pedic® pillows and other sleep products so at your next visit you can ask or ring your local chiropractor and ask if they have pillow in stock you can buy. Lastly you could call Tempur UK on telephone number 08000 111 083.

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