Neck Pain Exercises That Stop Pain

Best Exercises For Neck PainWhen you have a sore neck it can be so frustrating not being to find good info or guidance on how to stop the pain. There are loads of ways to treat a painful neck. Exercise is still one of the best treatment tools available. Our bodies were designed to move and move properly. Bad posture habits and poor movements patterns do contribute to the cause of the ache or pain your experiencing.

Knowing how to move your neck to feel that relief you’ve been looking so hard for is what I want to show you today. Having dealt with so many patients over the years I can tell you that normally people just don’t know how to exercise the neck area. I have never heard anyone who trains at a gym telling me they do a neck workout.

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Got a Stiff Neck? Fix This Type of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Cervical Spine X-Ray
Got Stiff Neck Bones?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have had such a stiff neck? It can happen so easily that you wake up and find you can’t move your neck properly or you’ve been working away at your computer only to find it is sore to move neck or shoulders. Maybe your neck creaks and crackles in the joints with movement and there is limited ability to turn your neck to one side or both.

Neck stiffness is very common medical condition. However, understanding what causes a stiff neck and how to fix a stiff neck is what most people want to know. The good news it can be a quick and easy resolution to your problem. That is what I aim to explain in today’s post. Neck stiffness is similar to a trapped nerve, but different at the same time. Below I will share the two most common causes, how to spot the difference between a sore throat and meningitis problem and some other hints, tips and 9 treatment tricks to help you unlock your neck again.

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How to Avoid a Trapped Arm in Bed

This video caught my attention with the title “How to avoid a trapped arm whilst cuddling in bed“. I knew I had to watch this video just to see what this was all about.

I have definitely experienced it and I’m sure you have. It is that feeling when you’re laying in bed snuggling or cuddling a girlfriend or wife and your arm gets trapped underneath their head. You then get a loss of feeling in the hand and arm. It is not a nice feeling at all. So watch the video below to get some tips on “How to avoid a trapped arm whilst cuddling in bed” 🙂

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Craziest How to Click Your Joints Video

Chronic Neck Pain and Stiffness Relief
You Just Got Chronic Neck Pain Slapped

People who click their necks all the time can develop chronic neck pain. I have seen that most people can handle chronic lower back pain better than they can chronic pain and stiffness in the neck. I think, this is because our lower back is further away from our brains, so we can “cut it off” easier from your mind. However, with a neck ache there’s no hiding from it it is just right there all the time.

This comes by to why would someone try manipulate their own neck. There have been many times I have seen people who had an old neck injury trying to give themselves some neck stiffness relief by trying to ‘click’ their own necks. Well I found the craziest video on “How to Click Your Back” I have ever seen. This girl will make you think damn can that be healthy for your joints.

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What is Whiplash? How Bad Can It Get?

Insurance claims from car crashes on the rise in the UKI read today how an increase in whiplash claims are being blamed in the UK for car insurance premiums going up by 82% in a year for some people. The sky news article said the AA has found that even with accidents having dropped there are 200 whiplash claims a day in the UK, wow! This got me thinking a bit more about whiplash and so I want to show you how whiplash is classified and what are some of the whiplash treatment options recommended.

Hopefully you should understand a bit more at the end what whiplash actually is, so you know why you have been quoted higher car insurance premiums. Oh and I found out examples of how much money these whiplash insurance claims can make at the bottom of the article.

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Neck Pain Exercises: The Isometric Contraction

Exercises for Neck Pain
Isometric Neck Exercises

Generally we all know that exercise is recommended for us because to maintain our overall health status. So we need to exercise our bodies. You may be wondering “How do I exercise my neck though?” Today I want to show you a simple neck exercise called cervical isometric contractions.

The idea behind an isometric contraction of a neck muscle is to strengthen the muscles in a way not to create movement. This is to help control some types of neck pains which are made worse with movement. I found a video showing you how to do a series of neck isometric contractions from a spinal surgeon. This video below shows you how to perform neck exercises in a safe way even after having neck surgery.

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Chronic Neck Pain? It Could be Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

Need Neck Support?
Neck feeling unstable?

Have you ever heard of something called a cervical spondylotic myelopathy? I know very long medical terminology, but there are times when what you think is a simple trapped nerve in your arm could be more a chronic problem with your neck. I’ll explain what I mean below.

Most of the time it is just a case of the neck joints or neck muscles being tight, however, there might also be a localised herniated disc in your neck. If you have seen on a x-ray chronic wear and tear changes in your cervical spine then you could potentially get a problem called cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM). That is why in today’s article I want to try help you understand a bit more about what this type of chronic neck pain and stiffness condition is all about, its symptoms, the common causes and how to treat the resultant nerve damage.

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MRI Scan of a Trapped Nerve in Neck

MRI Machine: The Trapped Nerve Scanner

I came across a great educational video today showing you what a trapped nerve in your neck looks like on a MRI scan. There have been so many times a patient will come into to see the chiropractor carrying, under their arms, the tons of MRI films of their necks. The patient does not understand what all the grey pictures mean, but something must explain the pain.

If you have had a MRI scan done on your neck before, to try diagnose a pinched nerve problem in your neck, then you will definitely enjoy the video. The video below will hopefully give you that ‘aha’ moment. You will get in both easy language and explanation from a spinal surgeon what the grey MRI scan images actually mean.

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Bakody’s Sign: Cervical Radiculopathy Orthopaedic Test

Bakody's Sign PositionBakody’s sign is an orthopaedic test to help diagnose a cervical radiculopathy condition. It is a medical test also known as the shoulder abduction test. It can be classified as a orthopaedic test of the cervical spine. It is said to be as definitive as Spurling’s Test for determining cervical foraminal compression, and is much less painful to perform for the patient.

You may have read me mentioning the Bakody’s sign position in my article on how to help a trapped nerve in the neck. You might be wondering what I was talking about? Well I’ll explain more about it in this post. The best thing about this particular orthopaedic test is that it is not only a diagnostic tool, but can be used as a treatment tool as well!

Are you suffering an electric pain that is running into your shoulder, down the arm & into the elbow or wrist? Did you know this simple arm movement could help you get some instant pain relief? I will tell you more about this easy to do nerve tension test. I explain why & how to do the test, and why I recommend it as also as home treatment advice for helping patients to control nerve pain in the arm.

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Herniated Disc in the Neck: Everything You Need To Know

herniated disc in neck pain

herniated disc in your neck is a common cause for a trapped nerve. Trapped nerve pain is one of the worst pains in the world as it is a type of neurogenic (nerve) pain.

“What is a cervical disc?” and “why can a disc herniate and pinch a nerve in your neck?” Today I will talk about a cervical disc herniation causing a trapped nerve in neck and trapped nerve in shoulder, the anatomy of a cervical disc herniation, and what is the most common cervical spinal nerve to be pinched. This should help you how you would know your neck and shoulder pain could be from this commonly trapped nerve.

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Trapped Nerve in Neck: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Red stop sign of a man with a painful neck
A Real Pain in the Neck

Recently in the clinic I seem to have had many patients coming in complaining of having a trapped nerve in neck pain.

The first thing everyone says is: “I think I have a pinched nerve”.

They say this whilst trying to look at me with their head slightly bent to one side and their neck looking like a Frankenstein stuck in a bolt and nut through it so stiff.

This is a classic story many chiropractors will tell you that they have seen before. Many patients come through their doors having woken-up with a stiff neck which progressively got a lot worse through the day. The inside of the right or left shoulder-blade, shoulder or arm might be killing them as well.

So I thought I would tell you what I have seen as the two most common causessymptoms of a pinched nerve, and 12 tips for what you can do yourself to get some pain relief today.

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The Neck Crank MMA Injury

Neck Crank InjuryA patient recently came into the clinic with a new complaint of a neck injury during an amateur cage fight contest that he lost by tapping out to a mixed martial art (MMA) submission move called a neck crank.

The MMA neck crank technique involves pushing the neck to one side as much as possible till the opponent submits to the pain and needs to tap out of the pressure. This is why my patient lost his amateur fight.

The reason he came to the Chiropractic clinic was because he noticed his left triceps muscle was weak during push-ups with pins and needles and pain running down his left arm. This looked to me like a case of a pinched nerve in the neck. If you haven’t seen before how the cage fighting neck crank move is done exactly then I have two videos of how to do the neck crank. One is by legendary professional MMA fighter, Bas Rutten. You’ll get to see why the patient may have badly irritated a nerve in his neck.

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