2012 Research: Predictive Factors For Poor Outcome With Sciatica

Predicting Sciatica Outcomes
Sciatica Relief: Looking Into Your Future

I have just finished reading some hot off the press research on sciatica leg pain and low back pain out of Norway. In this study the researchers were trying to see what things they could see could cause a patient with lower back pain and sciatica to not respond well.

The authors came up with some pointers to consider if someone is suffering this trapped nerve in the leg condition. What was also interesting is that back surgery did not have an amazing success rate as they had expected it might. If you or a loved one has a trapped nerve in their back going down the back of the leg, maybe to the foot, you’ll probably like to read this article.

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Do You Get Lower Back Pain When You Bend Forward? Here’s the Reason Why

flexion intolerant lower back
Bending Forward a Cause for Low Back Pain

Did you know that a major cause of bad back pain is that our lower backs do not like too much bending forward (flexion). In the medical field it is well-known that in our lower backs, the lumbar discs respond better to bending backward movements rather than bending forward. Particularly in the case of someone with a disc source of back pain.

Today I will be explaining the concept of how too much flexion in our lumbar spines is causing acute lower back pain or chronic lower back in some people. There are two great videos below. One by chiropractor, Craig Liebenson, and the second by low back pain specialist and researcher, Professor Stuart McGill. Find out how Craig, who has studied at the Prague School of Rehabilitation, teaches a female marathon runner how to fix a bad back pain, fast and for the long-term.

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Maignes Syndrome: Thoracolumbar Junction Syndrome

Maigne SyndromeDid you know your low back pain could be coming from higher up in your spine. In our bodies we experience something called referred pain. Referred pain means the area that is sore could actually be referred pain from somewhere else. This happens all the time in organs referring pain, like a heart attack pain going down your left arm.

However, there are times the answer to your back pain could be from an area in your spine known as the thoracolumbar junction (TL junction). You can get a trapped nerve in this area causing all your pain. Ever wondered which trapped nerve is causing all your back pain? Today I want to let you know about something called Maigne Syndrome or Thoracolumbar Junction Syndrome.

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How to Prevent Low Back Pain when Lifting

Have you ever experienced low back pain when lifting a weight from the floor. Maybe it wasn’t even a weight your were lifting, you might have just been bending forward to tie your show laces or you were changing your babies nappy and you got a sudden severe low back pain.

Lifting Causing Low Back PainThese are times when a patient would come into the chiropractors office and ask what do you think caused my back pain to start? Well the answer can be hard at times to pinpoint but repetitive bad movement like bending and lifting incorrectly can weaken your lower back. This includes muscles, tendons, ligaments and especially the discs between your vertebrae causing a slipped disc. Today I want to show you some things you should be thinking about how to avoid low back pain when lifting or bending forward.

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Sciatic Nerve Pain: Discover the Source of Scaitica

Sciatica Leg Pain

This post is all about one nerve. It is the most important nerve in your leg, the sciatic nerve. Have you been told that you might have sciatica pain running down the back of your thigh all the way into your calf muscle or into the ankle and foot? This is the common trapped nerve in the leg pain lots of people suffer.

You could be feeling a continuous ache or pain that starts from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you eventually fall asleep at night.

To understand the cause of sciatic nerve pain in the leg it is useful to visualise the anatomy of the sciatic nerve. Find out how this big important nerve can cause pain anywhere from the buttock (bum, gluts, hip region), the back of the thigh (hamstring region), behind the knee, along the outside of the lower leg (calf muscle region) into the ankle all the way down to your big toe in your foot.

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Turning Your Discs Blue Could Be Good For Your Low Back Pain

Methylene Blue Low Back Pain Treatment
Low Back Pain Got You Feeling Blue

Yes blue could be the new you of the future after what I read today. In a recent study ¹ on chronic low back pain patients who had back pain coming from a disc in their lower backs were injected with methylene blue. You might know methylene blue from your chemistry “Blue Bottle” experiment in school, it is a very obvious blue.

What made the latest article so interesting was the high pain relief rate those patients had to their discs being injected with methylene blue. So here is a bit more on what is happening in the world on chronic low back pain from your discs.

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How I Help My Lower Back Pain

How I helped fix my chronic left lower back painOne of the reasons I wanted to study Chiropractic was because of chronic lower back pain. When I was a teenager at highschool I was very sporty and athletic. I loved moving and playing around as much as possible. If there was a social touch rugby game I was in. I was apart of the school team for rowing, field hockey and athletics. However, ever now and then I would end up with a severe lower back muscle spasm.

Low back pain is so frustrating because it just stops you in your tracks. There is no lump, red spot or visible problem, but it hurts like nothing else. It brings grown men to tears and buckles your knees without warning. So I began my journey on trying to fix my lower back. Today I want to tell you some of the things I have discovered on my lower back pain journey. I have included my personal low back pain tale and 10 lower back pain tips that help me a lot in time of need.

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Figure Four Stretch: How to Stretch the Piriformis Muscle

Ever heard of the figure of four stretch? Do you know what the piriformis muscle is? Ever suffered or suffering piriformis syndrome? You’ll enjoy todays article showing you how to do the figure of four piriformis muscle stretch.

Really? Women’s High Heels Do Not Cause Low Back Pain

High Heels Cause Lower Back Pain
Are These High Heels to Big For Me?

I came across a very interesting article today asking the question “Does wearing high heels like stilettos cause lower back pain?”

I know, what your probably thinking, yes of course the height of a women’s high heel shoe must cause her back pain. Doesn’t everyone know that? Well that is the common perception from most I would say, but, can we say that is true? Apparently our collective common sense could be wrong in this case. That’s why in today’s post I wanted to look a bit more into the question “will walking in high heels cause lower back pain” and just for fun teach you women, or maybe men, how to walk properly in high-heeled shoes. Oh by the way, I think I have found a picture of the highest heels in the world that you can buy and from here in the UK, wow!

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What Exactly Is a Slipped Disc In Your Back?

Slipped Disc Low Back Pain
Watch Out for the Slipped Disc

The dreaded slipped disc in your back pain is something I think most people fear. There are many times a patient will walk into the chiropractors office and say they think they have a slipped disc in their back. They will then say it is the slipped disc that is causing their neck pain or lower back pain.

Today I thought I’d touch on what a slipped disc actually is. It hopefully should help you see if you really do have a problem with the disc in your neck or lower back.

Also if you want to know how bad a slipped disc can be or what type of slipped disc you actually have you can read on below.

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Slump Test Used to Diagnose and Treat Low Back Pain

The Slump Test for Disc Herniation

Ever heard of the slump test for back pain? The slump test is an orthopaedic test commonly performed by a chiropractor, doctors and physical therapists when diagnosing the source of your low back pain. This diagnosis test for lower back and leg pain is mainly used to see if there is either a disc herniation causing a pinched sciatic nerve, or not, in the lumbar spine.

However, the slump test movement can be modified to be used to possible help low back pain as well. I know it is strange to hear the test that can irritate a pain can also fix a pain. That’s why today I want to show how to do the slump test then I will explain why this medical examination test can be used by you, at home or at your work desk, to also get some pain relief from symptoms of sciatica.

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Wallet Sciatica: Sitting on a Wallet Can Cause Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Wallet Sciatica
Check Your Pockets For Wallet Sciatica

Ever heard someone complain of wallet sciatica pain in their bum? Have you ever considered your lower back ache or sciatica symptoms may be caused by your habit of putting your wallet in your back pocket. Personally, it is a habit I have never considered, but for many men I do see that they carry their wallets in the back of their trousers.

Wallet sciatica is also sometimes referred to as hip-pocket syndromewallet neuritis, wallet neuropathy, fat wallet syndrome or credit carditis. At the end of the day it really is a lower back problem called piriformis syndrome.

I will explain below how you can get rid of this type of pain with two cool piriformis stretches.

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Back Pain More Condition Symptoms

Back Pain Exercises

Back pain more conditions_symptoms is what you may ask? Well it is what people are googling for when it comes to back pain information. Do you want to know more about back pain more condition_symptoms?

Back pain can occur in different places on your spine and can be displayed in a variety of symptoms. You could be describing back pain when you have actually have a neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain or even pain around your shoulder blades. So depending on where you back pain is, the condition causing back pain can vary and so can the symptoms of back pain. However, different back pains do share common causes and the symptoms you could feel with the back pain. So today we will look at some of the shared causes and symptoms of the different areas of back pain causing people to search for “back pain more condition_symptom”.

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After Spinal Surgery: How to Predict Repeat of Lumbar Disc Herniations

Low Back Fusion Surgery
Lumbar Fusion Back Surgery

A retrospective study from the November 15th issue of Spine (2009) evaluated radiographs for biomechanical and other health markers that would help identify patients at risk for repeat lumbar disc herniation.

A repeat disc herniation was defined as a herniation of the same disc after a “successful” first surgery where the patient was asymptomatic for a period of at least six months. The study analysed a group of 157 disc surgery patients to determine risk factors that might help predict which patients would have a repeat herniation. Want to know what the researchers found likely to cause you or a loved one who has back surgery to need more surgery in the future. I have the anser for you below.

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Prague School of Rehabilitation: Low Back Pain Treatment

Today I want to show you a short video on how to treat low back pain from a lumbar disc herniation from the Prague school of rehabilitation. You will get to see what is called conservative low back pain treatment used to help give a patient lower back and leg pain relief from a herniated lumbar disc.

The video is from the Prague School of Rehabilitation which is the home for a treatment technique called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. You will get to see a lumbar spine traction and lower back mobilization and relaxation techniques according to Dr Karel Lewit.

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Sciatica Symptoms and Medical Definition of Sciatica

This sciatica more condition_symptoms article will help explain a bit more about the condition sciatica and its symptoms. Sciatica is a symptom and not a disease so sciatica symptoms can vary between people. So read the sciatica more condition_symptoms article from ChiroCentre.co.uk for more trapped nerve in leg information.

Trapped Nerve in Leg: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

How to fix a pinched nerve going down the in leg causing sciaticaDo you think you may have trapped a nerve in your leg? Are you feeling confused why you might have a pain going down the back of your thigh? Is it a severe either deep ache or stabbing pain in the butt? Do you might pinched a nerve causing your problem? I know so many questions to try answer.

If you can associate with some of those questions then you might have sciatica. Leg pain is a common thing to hear people complaining about. It can be either in their left leg or right leg.

If you are doing some online research for some pain relief tips or exercises you have come to the right page. Learn what is this condition so many people suffer with around the world everyday. I have looked at what you can do for sciatica pain relief treatment with some tips on basic sciatica exercises. Learn what treatment options you have and try out the 11 useful tips at the end to help yourself today.

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