Craziest How to Click Your Joints Video

Chronic Neck Pain and Stiffness Relief
You Just Got Chronic Neck Pain Slapped

People who click their necks all the time can develop chronic neck pain. I have seen that most people can handle chronic lower back pain better than they can chronic pain and stiffness in the neck. I think, this is because our lower back is further away from our brains, so we can “cut it off” easier from your mind. However, with a neck ache there’s no hiding from it it is just right there all the time.

This comes by to why would someone try manipulate their own neck. There have been many times I have seen people who had an old neck injury trying to give themselves some neck stiffness relief by trying to ‘click’ their own necks. Well I found the craziest video on “How to Click Your Back” I have ever seen. This girl will make you think damn can that be healthy for your joints.

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Turning Your Discs Blue Could Be Good For Your Low Back Pain

Methylene Blue Low Back Pain Treatment
Low Back Pain Got You Feeling Blue

Yes blue could be the new you of the future after what I read today. In a recent study ¹ on chronic low back pain patients who had back pain coming from a disc in their lower backs were injected with methylene blue. You might know methylene blue from your chemistry “Blue Bottle” experiment in school, it is a very obvious blue.

What made the latest article so interesting was the high pain relief rate those patients had to their discs being injected with methylene blue. So here is a bit more on what is happening in the world on chronic low back pain from your discs.

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How I Help My Lower Back Pain

How I helped fix my chronic left lower back painOne of the reasons I wanted to study Chiropractic was because of chronic lower back pain. When I was a teenager at highschool I was very sporty and athletic. I loved moving and playing around as much as possible. If there was a social touch rugby game I was in. I was apart of the school team for rowing, field hockey and athletics. However, ever now and then I would end up with a severe lower back muscle spasm.

Low back pain is so frustrating because it just stops you in your tracks. There is no lump, red spot or visible problem, but it hurts like nothing else. It brings grown men to tears and buckles your knees without warning. So I began my journey on trying to fix my lower back. Today I want to tell you some of the things I have discovered on my lower back pain journey. I have included my personal low back pain tale and 10 lower back pain tips that help me a lot in time of need.

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Nerve Conduction Studies: A Trapped Nerve Test

Nerve Conduction Studies
Nerve Conduction Studies - Finding the Source of the Pain

Maybe your suffering from a trapped nerve in your neck or your lower back and you have been referred for a nerve conduction study. There are different ways to try diagnose the source of your pain and a nerve conduction studies are one way. Today I want to look a bit more into what a nerve conduction study is and why your doctor would refer you for a nerve conduction test.

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When a Trapped Nerve in the Wrist is Actually Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wrist Pain Splint
Why Does my Wrist Hurt?

I came across a tweet the other day saying “the wrist pain, it’s either a trapped nerve or carpal tunnel”. This got me thinking:

  • Do most people with wrist pain think a trapped nerve is different from carpal tunnel syndrome?
  • Do they know that in a way these two situations are different, but also not?

Does that sounds confusing to read? Sorry, let me explain my thinking to you.

Today I want to look at wrist pain from the angle of a trapped nerve being the source of pain. Below I will discuss the difference between a trapped nerve in wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. I will then show you how ultimately they are related and how to treat your wrist pain.

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What is Whiplash? How Bad Can It Get?

Insurance claims from car crashes on the rise in the UKI read today how an increase in whiplash claims are being blamed in the UK for car insurance premiums going up by 82% in a year for some people. The sky news article said the AA has found that even with accidents having dropped there are 200 whiplash claims a day in the UK, wow! This got me thinking a bit more about whiplash and so I want to show you how whiplash is classified and what are some of the whiplash treatment options recommended.

Hopefully you should understand a bit more at the end what whiplash actually is, so you know why you have been quoted higher car insurance premiums. Oh and I found out examples of how much money these whiplash insurance claims can make at the bottom of the article.

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Neck Pain Exercises: The Isometric Contraction

Exercises for Neck Pain
Isometric Neck Exercises

Generally we all know that exercise is recommended for us because to maintain our overall health status. So we need to exercise our bodies. You may be wondering “How do I exercise my neck though?” Today I want to show you a simple neck exercise called cervical isometric contractions.

The idea behind an isometric contraction of a neck muscle is to strengthen the muscles in a way not to create movement. This is to help control some types of neck pains which are made worse with movement. I found a video showing you how to do a series of neck isometric contractions from a spinal surgeon. This video below shows you how to perform neck exercises in a safe way even after having neck surgery.

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Best UK Neurology Hospitals

National Hospital For Neurology Neurosurgery Queen Square London
PM visits National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

I was browsing the internet and came across a great resource for people who would be looking for their nearest and best neurology hospital in the UK. This neurology hospital map is for the whole of the United Kingdom including Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland neurological hospitals are also included in the hospital list by the Brain and Spine foundation.

If, for example, you are looking for a neurologist for a diagnosis, for further special investigations, or a neurosurgeon for spinal disc surgery then this map of the different neurological centres closet to you. I also have lots of info on the best London hospitals dealing with nerve problems.

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Can You Do the Apley Scratch Test?

Apley scratch Test
Apley Scratch Rotator Cuff

You most likely haven’t heard before of the Apley scratch test used for shoulder pain assessment. Your chiropractor or doctor may have had you perform the Apley scratch test during a physical examination. It is an orthopaedic test to see if there is a restriction or pain with your shoulder movement.

This orthopaedic shoulder test can be used both as a diagnostic tool and as a treatment tool for certain shoulder pain. I the following article I’ll give you a link to the doctor who the test is named after, show you a video of how to perform a Apley Scratch Test correctly and what I meant how it can be used both as a diagnostic aid and apart of a shoulder exercise treatment protocol.

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Effects of Carrying a Heavy Bag on One Shoulder

Leather Bag
Do You Use a Man Bag?

The British Chiropractic Association has been in the news recently with a study they did on men with back pain and their man bags.

Apparently 60% of men polled use a man bag and 66% of the men polled also have had back pain before. The man bags they wore had an average weight of 6.2kgs with a laptop usually making up the most weight in a bag. I use a laptop bag myself and, like the picture, I use a single strap over my shoulder type. So does it mean you have to get rid of the trendy man bag in order to avoid back ache and use a boring double strap school bag instead? That’s what’s today’s post is asking.

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Figure Four Stretch: How to Stretch the Piriformis Muscle

Ever heard of the figure of four stretch? Do you know what the piriformis muscle is? Ever suffered or suffering piriformis syndrome? You’ll enjoy todays article showing you how to do the figure of four piriformis muscle stretch.

Hoffmann’s Reflex: Sign of Brain/Spinal Cord Damage

Hoffmann's Reflex Test
Hoffmann’s Reflex Nerve Test

You may have not heard of a Hoffmann’s reflex which is another type of pathological reflex. This reflex is used like the Babinski’s reflex to assess for a upper motor neuron injury, which I have mentioned before. Compared to the Babinski relfex where you see the result in the foot in this case, the abnormal nerve reflex happens in the hand. Specifically the fingers.

I had a look around the web today for a video so you can get to see a patient who has a positive Hoffmann’s reflex response. I will also tell you how to perform this neurological reflex test correctly.

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Babinski Reflex: Sign of A Trapped Nerve in Adults

Babinski ReflexThe Babinski reflex is a pathological nerve reflex in adults. Nerve conditions show up in the physical examination sometimes with a muscle tendon reflex that should not be there. This is what is called a pathological reflex. I thought you would like to see what some of these bad sign nerve reflexes look like.

So I have had a look around for some videos so you can see these abnormal nerve reflex signs in patients with nerve conditions.

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Chronic Neck Pain? It Could be Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy

Need Neck Support?
Neck feeling unstable?

Have you ever heard of something called a cervical spondylotic myelopathy? I know very long medical terminology, but there are times when what you think is a simple trapped nerve in your arm could be more a chronic problem with your neck. I’ll explain what I mean below.

Most of the time it is just a case of the neck joints or neck muscles being tight, however, there might also be a localised herniated disc in your neck. If you have seen on a x-ray chronic wear and tear changes in your cervical spine then you could potentially get a problem called cervical spondylotic myelopathy (CSM). That is why in today’s article I want to try help you understand a bit more about what this type of chronic neck pain and stiffness condition is all about, its symptoms, the common causes and how to treat the resultant nerve damage.

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Really? Women’s High Heels Do Not Cause Low Back Pain

High Heels Cause Lower Back Pain
Are These High Heels to Big For Me?

I came across a very interesting article today asking the question “Does wearing high heels like stilettos cause lower back pain?”

I know, what your probably thinking, yes of course the height of a women’s high heel shoe must cause her back pain. Doesn’t everyone know that? Well that is the common perception from most I would say, but, can we say that is true? Apparently our collective common sense could be wrong in this case. That’s why in today’s post I wanted to look a bit more into the question “will walking in high heels cause lower back pain” and just for fun teach you women, or maybe men, how to walk properly in high-heeled shoes. Oh by the way, I think I have found a picture of the highest heels in the world that you can buy and from here in the UK, wow!

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Diabetic Neuropathy: Nerve Pain Risk in Diabetics

Diabetes Testing
Test For Diabetes

It was World Diabetes Day on 14 November and this is Diabetes Awareness Month. So I thought I’d look at a condition called diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic nerve pain is something that a person can walk into the chiropractors office with and not know what it is. There are times when that trapped nerve pain feeling you are getting could be the result of having diabetes.

Diabetes affecting the nerves is called diabetic neuropathy. So what is diabetic neuropathy, what are the symptoms, the different types and what should you do to treat diabetic nerve pain. That is what todays article is about.

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What Causes the Pins and Needles Feeling?

That Weird, Tingly Feeling

Pins and needles are those funny feelings which I think we can all relate to having had at one time or another.

You wake up and your hand has gone numb. You get a warm prickly feeling in your fingers as the feeling in the fingers slowly comes back alive. This funny feeling can either be funny or it may make you feel concerned about what is happening to you.

In the following article I am going to look into what are the symptom of pins and needles, reasons for getting pins and needles in your arms, hands, legs or feet and lastly how to get rid of pins and needles feeling.

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What Exactly Is a Slipped Disc In Your Back?

Slipped Disc Low Back Pain
Watch Out for the Slipped Disc

The dreaded slipped disc in your back pain is something I think most people fear. There are many times a patient will walk into the chiropractors office and say they think they have a slipped disc in their back. They will then say it is the slipped disc that is causing their neck pain or lower back pain.

Today I thought I’d touch on what a slipped disc actually is. It hopefully should help you see if you really do have a problem with the disc in your neck or lower back.

Also if you want to know how bad a slipped disc can be or what type of slipped disc you actually have you can read on below.

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Upper Back Exercises: How to Fix Your Tired Thoracic Spine

Easy to do upper back exercises fro improving the thoracic spine and neckYou might not know but pain in the upper back,  neck and even the mid-back region can all be connected together. You probably know the feeling of wanting your shoulders rubbed or having someone ask you to please rub their tired shoulder muscles. It is such a common complaint that I hear from people who sit all day using a computer at work. They all know that sitting still for too long is not a good thing for them, but it is what they have to do to get their work done.

Well I want to help you find what you can do to help those aches and pains in the joints of your thoracic and cervical spine and to finally relax those tired neck muscles. There is a big back muscle that is heavily involved in this pain that comes from sitting at a computer all day. This muscle is called the trapezius or you can say ‘traps‘. Then there are are a couple of syndromes that might need to be fixed. These are the upper crossed syndrome and T4 syndrome. I’ll be helping you through all this new lingo below. So if you have chronically tense muscles on the top of your shoulders, headaches or neck pain then this information is for you.

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