Trapped Nerve Pain Relief Medication

Trapped Nerve Pain Medication
Which Pain Killer Will It Be Today?

I do enjoy keeping up to date with the latest in health news and research. To try keep up the latest developments I like to attend an annual pain symposium. At this pain symposium various medical specialities get together to talk about different concepts in pain diagnosis and pain management. It is primarily attended by GP’s, rheumatologists, neurologists and anaesthetist’s so the focus on how to control pain levels for back and neck pain patients is geared towards a pharmaceutical viewpoint.

Why would I attended a pharmaceutical discussion as a chiropractor? As I said I like to be up to date with what patients in pain are going to be prescribed by their doctor. I like to know the evidence and thinking behind different pain medication prescriptions so that I can help guide people if they aren’t finding the right medication or maybe on a dosage that is too weak or strong.

That is why today I want to let you know what kind of information I discovered at this recent pain symposium, in particular, regarding pain medication for a trapped nerve . Please carry on reading if you want to know which is the best nerve pain medication to take or not to take.

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Shoulder Blade Push Ups: Great Upper Back Exercise

Shoulder Blade Push Ups

Today I want to show you some good videos that I found on how to do shoulder-blade push ups properly. I like to recommend these specific upper back exercises for people wanting to improve their neck and upper back posture and avoid a pain between their shoulder blades.

Correcting your spinal posture can help reduce excessive strain and pressure on the muscles, joints and nerves that support your neck, shoulders and upper back area. Find out one of the best and safest exercises to get a stronger upper back and shoulder girdle today.

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Slump Test Used to Diagnose and Treat Low Back Pain

The Slump Test for Disc Herniation

Ever heard of the slump test for back pain? The slump test is an orthopaedic test commonly performed by a chiropractor, doctors and physical therapists when diagnosing the source of your low back pain. This diagnosis test for lower back and leg pain is mainly used to see if there is either a disc herniation causing a pinched sciatic nerve, or not, in the lumbar spine.

However, the slump test movement can be modified to be used to possible help low back pain as well. I know it is strange to hear the test that can irritate a pain can also fix a pain. That’s why today I want to show how to do the slump test then I will explain why this medical examination test can be used by you, at home or at your work desk, to also get some pain relief from symptoms of sciatica.

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MRI Scan of a Trapped Nerve in Neck

MRI Machine: The Trapped Nerve Scanner

I came across a great educational video today showing you what a trapped nerve in your neck looks like on a MRI scan. There have been so many times a patient will come into to see the chiropractor carrying, under their arms, the tons of MRI films of their necks. The patient does not understand what all the grey pictures mean, but something must explain the pain.

If you have had a MRI scan done on your neck before, to try diagnose a pinched nerve problem in your neck, then you will definitely enjoy the video. The video below will hopefully give you that ‘aha’ moment. You will get in both easy language and explanation from a spinal surgeon what the grey MRI scan images actually mean.

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Bakody’s Sign: Cervical Radiculopathy Orthopaedic Test

Bakody's Sign PositionBakody’s sign is an orthopaedic test to help diagnose a cervical radiculopathy condition. It is a medical test also known as the shoulder abduction test. It can be classified as a orthopaedic test of the cervical spine. It is said to be as definitive as Spurling’s Test for determining cervical foraminal compression, and is much less painful to perform for the patient.

You may have read me mentioning the Bakody’s sign position in my article on how to help a trapped nerve in the neck. You might be wondering what I was talking about? Well I’ll explain more about it in this post. The best thing about this particular orthopaedic test is that it is not only a diagnostic tool, but can be used as a treatment tool as well!

Are you suffering an electric pain that is running into your shoulder, down the arm & into the elbow or wrist? Did you know this simple arm movement could help you get some instant pain relief? I will tell you more about this easy to do nerve tension test. I explain why & how to do the test, and why I recommend it as also as home treatment advice for helping patients to control nerve pain in the arm.

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De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

De Quervians TenosynovitisDo you think you have De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis?

I seem to have had a few patients come in complaining of a wrist pain at the base of their thumbs, especially with grasping and holding items in their hand. The condition causing the wrist pain for these patients is likely to be de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis.

So what are the symptoms, causes and treatment options if you think you have de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. Take a look at the de Quervain’s disease information below on what more I found out today about this inflammatory condition of the wrist.

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Wallet Sciatica: Sitting on a Wallet Can Cause Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Wallet Sciatica
Check Your Pockets For Wallet Sciatica

Ever heard someone complain of wallet sciatica pain in their bum? Have you ever considered your lower back ache or sciatica symptoms may be caused by your habit of putting your wallet in your back pocket. Personally, it is a habit I have never considered, but for many men I do see that they carry their wallets in the back of their trousers.

Wallet sciatica is also sometimes referred to as hip-pocket syndromewallet neuritis, wallet neuropathy, fat wallet syndrome or credit carditis. At the end of the day it really is a lower back problem called piriformis syndrome.

I will explain below how you can get rid of this type of pain with two cool piriformis stretches.

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Back Pain More Condition Symptoms

Back Pain Exercises

Back pain more conditions_symptoms is what you may ask? Well it is what people are googling for when it comes to back pain information. Do you want to know more about back pain more condition_symptoms?

Back pain can occur in different places on your spine and can be displayed in a variety of symptoms. You could be describing back pain when you have actually have a neck pain, upper back pain, lower back pain or even pain around your shoulder blades. So depending on where you back pain is, the condition causing back pain can vary and so can the symptoms of back pain. However, different back pains do share common causes and the symptoms you could feel with the back pain. So today we will look at some of the shared causes and symptoms of the different areas of back pain causing people to search for “back pain more condition_symptom”.

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Medical Terminology for Nerve Pain: Radiculopathy or Neuritis?

Medical definition for an inflamed nerve coming from the cervical or lumabr spineSo you think you have a trapped nerve in your neck or that you have pinched the sciatic nerve in your leg and your doctor or chiropractor mentions the words radiculopathy or neuritis as the cause. So what do these words mean, what is the difference and why should you even care.

Well the various medical terminology for nerve pain, technically called neuropathic pain, can be very confusing with lots of heavy medical words. In today’s post I wanted to try clear up that confusion. My aim is that a patient who has just been given a report of findings from a neurosurgeon, or another spine specialist, who has been told they have one of these conditions is be able to understand what was just said to them after reading this post.

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Natural Pain Relief Study

Big Fish
Fish Oil Good For You

I was going through some research papers looking at trapped nerve in neck treatment today and came across this interesting paper. The paper was on using the omega 3 fish oil as a natural pain relief supplement in people suffering a cervical radiculopathy.

The research paper is in the February 2010 edition of Clinical Journal of Pain & describes a series of case studies of people using high doses of omega 3 fish oil to help conditions ranging from a cervical radiculopathy, thoracic outlet syndrome, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and a burn injury. So what did they find from their omega 3 fish oil observation?

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Hip Joint Pain Arthography Video

The Hip Joint
The Hip Joint

I came across this hip joint pain x-ray video after reading a blog in Medscape by Dr Paul Goodley today. It is quite interesting to see what happens to the hip joint when it is tractioned (pulled) from the ankle whilst laying on your back. In this x-ray video it is a case of a nine year old boy who has a left hip joint pain that Dr Goodley then wanted to show the difference in hip joint space by the motion video x-ray.

When you see the word arthrography used it means an x-ray examination of a joint that uses a special form of x-ray called fluoroscopy and a contrast material. So when you see the picture at the end you will see all the dye in the hip joint.

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After Spinal Surgery: How to Predict Repeat of Lumbar Disc Herniations

Low Back Fusion Surgery
Lumbar Fusion Back Surgery

A retrospective study from the November 15th issue of Spine (2009) evaluated radiographs for biomechanical and other health markers that would help identify patients at risk for repeat lumbar disc herniation.

A repeat disc herniation was defined as a herniation of the same disc after a “successful” first surgery where the patient was asymptomatic for a period of at least six months. The study analysed a group of 157 disc surgery patients to determine risk factors that might help predict which patients would have a repeat herniation. Want to know what the researchers found likely to cause you or a loved one who has back surgery to need more surgery in the future. I have the anser for you below.

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Prague School of Rehabilitation: Low Back Pain Treatment

Today I want to show you a short video on how to treat low back pain from a lumbar disc herniation from the Prague school of rehabilitation. You will get to see what is called conservative low back pain treatment used to help give a patient lower back and leg pain relief from a herniated lumbar disc.

The video is from the Prague School of Rehabilitation which is the home for a treatment technique called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. You will get to see a lumbar spine traction and lower back mobilization and relaxation techniques according to Dr Karel Lewit.

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Sciatica Symptoms and Medical Definition of Sciatica

This sciatica more condition_symptoms article will help explain a bit more about the condition sciatica and its symptoms. Sciatica is a symptom and not a disease so sciatica symptoms can vary between people. So read the sciatica more condition_symptoms article from for more trapped nerve in leg information.

Trapped Nerve in Leg: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

How to fix a pinched nerve going down the in leg causing sciaticaDo you think you may have trapped a nerve in your leg? Are you feeling confused why you might have a pain going down the back of your thigh? Is it a severe either deep ache or stabbing pain in the butt? Do you might pinched a nerve causing your problem? I know so many questions to try answer.

If you can associate with some of those questions then you might have sciatica. Leg pain is a common thing to hear people complaining about. It can be either in their left leg or right leg.

If you are doing some online research for some pain relief tips or exercises you have come to the right page. Learn what is this condition so many people suffer with around the world everyday. I have looked at what you can do for sciatica pain relief treatment with some tips on basic sciatica exercises. Learn what treatment options you have and try out the 11 useful tips at the end to help yourself today.

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Herniated Disc in the Neck: Everything You Need To Know

herniated disc in neck pain

herniated disc in your neck is a common cause for a trapped nerve. Trapped nerve pain is one of the worst pains in the world as it is a type of neurogenic (nerve) pain.

“What is a cervical disc?” and “why can a disc herniate and pinch a nerve in your neck?” Today I will talk about a cervical disc herniation causing a trapped nerve in neck and trapped nerve in shoulder, the anatomy of a cervical disc herniation, and what is the most common cervical spinal nerve to be pinched. This should help you how you would know your neck and shoulder pain could be from this commonly trapped nerve.

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Trapped Nerve in the Back and Leg: How to Get Rid of the Pain

Feeling excruciating pain from a pinched nerve in the lower backYou probably feel like you have a trapped nerve in your back right now. People reading this blog from around the world do so because they are struggling with a pinched nerve in their neck or they are experiencing terrible lower back and/or leg pain.

Today’s post is for those I thought people who are suffering with a pinched nerve pain in their backs and who are needing some quick help for the pain. Lower back pain is definitely a common health problem for many adults. In the post below I will briefly discuss the basic anatomy of the lumbar spine, common causes and symptoms of a trapped nerve in the low back region and ending it with some easy to do free low back pain exercises and other pain control tips.

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Trapped Nerve in Neck: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Red stop sign of a man with a painful neck
A Real Pain in the Neck

Recently in the clinic I seem to have had many patients coming in complaining of having a trapped nerve in neck pain.

The first thing everyone says is: “I think I have a pinched nerve”.

They say this whilst trying to look at me with their head slightly bent to one side and their neck looking like a Frankenstein stuck in a bolt and nut through it so stiff.

This is a classic story many chiropractors will tell you that they have seen before. Many patients come through their doors having woken-up with a stiff neck which progressively got a lot worse through the day. The inside of the right or left shoulder-blade, shoulder or arm might be killing them as well.

So I thought I would tell you what I have seen as the two most common causessymptoms of a pinched nerve, and 12 tips for what you can do yourself to get some pain relief today.

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The Neck Crank MMA Injury

Neck Crank InjuryA patient recently came into the clinic with a new complaint of a neck injury during an amateur cage fight contest that he lost by tapping out to a mixed martial art (MMA) submission move called a neck crank.

The MMA neck crank technique involves pushing the neck to one side as much as possible till the opponent submits to the pain and needs to tap out of the pressure. This is why my patient lost his amateur fight.

The reason he came to the Chiropractic clinic was because he noticed his left triceps muscle was weak during push-ups with pins and needles and pain running down his left arm. This looked to me like a case of a pinched nerve in the neck. If you haven’t seen before how the cage fighting neck crank move is done exactly then I have two videos of how to do the neck crank. One is by legendary professional MMA fighter, Bas Rutten. You’ll get to see why the patient may have badly irritated a nerve in his neck.

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