UK Chiropractic Marketing Survey 2009 by the GCC

Public Awareness of Chiropractic
Public Awareness of Chiropractic

A new Chiropractic marketing survey was released recently in 2009. Do you think you could answer these questions about your awareness of Chiropractic recently surveyed for by the General Chiropractic Council.

For me it was interesting to read the recent survey on the public awareness of the UK chiropractic profession. Some of the questions asked were “Do you know about what chiropractors do?” and “Were you aware of what chiropractors do before today?”. The UK market research group IPSOS-MORI was used to conduct the 2009 study and the same study in 2004. The market research group found encouraging results for the Chiropractic profession. IPSOS-MORI got to compare public chiropractic awareness and perceptions figures for the first time over a 5 year period. So what were some of their findings on the UK public’s ability to know what a chiropractor is and does. You can find out more below.

UK Chiropractic Marketing Survey 2009

Both recent UK chiropractic market research reports from 2004 and 2009 are available to view on the General Chiropractic Council’s website. Some key points that the General Chiropractic Council found were:

  • More than a third (37%) of the public knows that chiropractors treat back or spine pain/problems. This has increased from under a fifth (18%) in 2004.
  • Over a third (36%) believes the chiropractic profession is regulated. This has increased from 28% in 2004. Eleven per cent believes that it is not a regulated profession (down from 15% in 2004).
  • 70% know that what a chiropractor does includes – reducing pain and immobility by manipulating the spine.
  • Seventy-eight per cent have never visited a chiropractor (85% in 2004).
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It would also  seem that of the 1,982 UK adults surveyed that the group who most understood what is chiropractic, what a chiropractor does and have used the services of a chiropractor are mature, affluent, people in South England (excluding London). This is also the same as what was found in the 2004 chiropractic market research study done.

So it is encouraging to see that the UK public is gaining a better understanding that a chiropractor can help treat back or spine pain problems. Those who have consulted a chiropractor three times or more are more likely to have a better understanding about the chiropractic profession.

It was interesting to see what the public thought a chiropractor could treat. The overwhelming majority again knew you could see a chiropractor for spine or back problems and pains. To a lesser degree the public were aware of a chiropractor treating a slipped disc, sports injuries, sciatica and tension headaches.

Chiropractors not only treat the above conditions, but can provide a ‘package’ of care to reduce pain and increase mobility based on physical manipulation as well as advice about exercise, lifestyle and activity. A chiropractor is trained to be able to diagnose, prevent, manage and treat musculoskeletal disorders. Chiropractic is a growing, but smaller in practitioner numbers size, compared to other UK manual therapies like physiotherapy or primary care practitioners like GP’s. If you want to find a UK chiropractor or find out more about what is chiropractic you can use the links on this website to help you out. You can view the full survey 2009 IPSOS chiropractic marketing survey directly from the General Chiropractic Council’s website.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by David Pfeffer