Wallet Sciatica: Sitting on a Wallet Can Cause Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Wallet Sciatica
Check Your Pockets For Wallet Sciatica

Ever heard someone complain of wallet sciatica pain in their bum? Have you ever considered your lower back ache or sciatica symptoms may be caused by your habit of putting your wallet in your back pocket. Personally, it is a habit I have never considered, but for many men I do see that they carry their wallets in the back of their trousers.

Wallet sciatica is also sometimes referred to as hip-pocket syndromewallet neuritis, wallet neuropathy, fat wallet syndrome or credit carditis. At the end of the day it really is a lower back problem called piriformis syndrome.

I will explain below how you can get rid of this type of pain with two cool piriformis stretches.

What’s in Your Wallet

I know a few male patients who have, somehow, learnt the habit of just carrying their wallets in their back pockets. Yes some of these wallets are so fat I wonder how much they could weigh. You should just see what some people keep in their wallets and purses.

This picture of a fat wallet is a classic example of what I have seen. A wallet stuffed with old paper receipts, too many credit/debit or store cards, coins and notes.

Piriformis Syndrome Cause
Fat Wallet

Then you get comedy examples like George from the sitcom Seinfeld with his exploding wallet.

It is said that carrying your wallet in your back pocket is not good for the health of your lower back and spinal alignment. When we sit on our bum bone (iliac tuberosity) we should be even not lob sided by this mass in our jeans pocket. This can cause chronic sciatic nerve damage causing symptoms of sciatica.

How To Treat Piriformis Syndrome

You can watch the “hip pocket syndrome video” below by Austin, Texas chiropractor Jeff Echols. Jeff will show you how keeping a wallet in the back pocket of your jeans or trousers can ultimately put pressure on your sciatic nerve. This in turn could be contributing to the cause of your back pains or that ache in the back of your thigh from sciatica. Jeff also mentions one possible solution as to why maybe men should consider using a money clip instead of a wallet.

A simple sciatica cure could be getting rid of a bad habit by moving your wallet from your rear pocket to your front pocket.

I also have written about some basic tips on how to stretch some of the bum muscles affected from having tight muscles around your hip and lower back area. I would suggest looking at the Figure Four piriformis stretch to start then how to move better with the Hip Hinge exercise.

Who would have thought that your credit status could be such a pain in the bum, literally.

Maybe it is time to consider really as Capital One credit cards say “What’s in your Wallet” and is it good for your spinal health.

Do you think you are suffering from this problem of wallet sciatica or piriformis syndrome? Is your wallet too thick?