What Are Your Favourite iPhone Health Apps?

Medical Apps
Medical Apps

I must admit I do like my iphone and I do like the apps that you can download on the phone from itunes. Well of course I have an interest in the iphone’s healthcare, fitness and medical application categories. So over time I have downloaded some free apps and some paid for apps. Some apps are good and some ok.

So it got me wondering how can I find some of the best iphone health apps out there? So I thought I’d ask you “What’s are your favourite iphone health apps“?

iPhone Health Apps

Harvard Medical School has a newsletter called the “Harvard Health Publications“. There was a great article on how doctors are lapping up using health apps on their new iPhone or android smartphones.

I do know that it is not only healthcare professionals who like smartphone health apps like, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock or Tap & Track – Calorie Weight and Exercise Tracker.

Did you know that 500 million people will be using a health app on their mobile smartphone by 2015! Well that is what is predicted by mobile research specialists, research2guidance.

Already you can link your Nike running shoes to your iPhone to record how far you are running at the gym or on the road. Who knows where things will go. You probably be able to link yourself up to your phone and send your health details straight to your doctor so they can monitor your blood pressure, glucose, movement activity levels, weight etc… Talk about being wired in to the system.

Some Free NHS iPhone Apps

The NHS already is taking the initiative and using smartphone apps to educate the UK public. The NHS so far has developed:

  1. Drinks Tracker – free health app about how many alcohol units you are drinking.
  2. Quit Smoking – free health app to help you stop smoking.
  3. Football Fan Challenge – free health app to test your health and fitness against other football fans.

My Five Best Free and Paid For iPhone Health Apps List

  1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (0.59p) – I liked this health app cos I did actually start waking just when it would go off so it trained me or I trained it about my sleep cycle.
  2. Medscape (free) – I read Medscape news and do CPD through the website so now I can access it through my iphone online and offline.
  3. BBC News (free) – I know you wouldn’t think of the BBC for a health app but you can get the latest BBC health news on your mobile phone.
  4. Pain Free Book (0.59p) – This is apart of the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue and shows you a series of his Egoscue method of stretches and exercises.

To Download – this is where I need your help to choose some more health apps to download. So let me know which is best health app in the comments below please 🙂

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by Yutaka Tsutano