What Nutrition Is In Your Fast Food?

Burger and Chips
What’s In Your Take-Away Food?

Did you hear about the “Twinkie Diet” recently in the news? It was the experiment diet a nutrition professor in the US tried on himself. Mark Haub was eating junk food like twinkies, nutty bars and doughnuts and actually lost weight! How did that happen by eating convenience foodstuff like fast food?

Then I saw today on Google zeitgiest that in 2010 the 4th fastest rising health search term on Google was “mcdonalds nutrition”.This got me thinking what nutrition is in your fast food? So I thought I’d get the nutrition values for some of the UK’s most popular fast food and take-away restaurants. So what do you think is better for you a Big Mac or a slice of Domino’s pizza, have a look for yourself below.

McDonalds Nutrition Fact Sheet

Here is the McDonalds nutrition food fact sheet for all their burgers, fries, drinks and deserts. [UPDATE] They used to have it as a sheet, but now it is an online nutrition calculator which can be used here. I did get the McDonalds ingredients sheet for you below.

[gview file=”http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/content/dam/McDonaldsUK/Food/Category/Nutrients/OurFood-Booklet.pdf”]

Burger King Nutrition Fact Sheet

Here is the Burger King nutrition food fact sheet for all their burgers, fries, drinks and deserts.

[gview file=”http://www.burgerking.co.uk/files/documents/Nutritional%20booklet1.pdf”]

KFC Nutrition Fact Sheet

Here is the KFC nutrition food fact sheet for all their chicken burgers, wraps, fries, drinks and deserts. [UPDATE] Unfortunately KFC, like McDonalds took away their food fact sheet. You now have to click each item you want to see here to get their nutritional value.

Domino’s Pizza Nutrition Fact Sheet

Here is the Domino’s Pizza nutrition food fact sheet for all their pizza’s.

[gview file=”http://www.takeafreshlook.co.uk/downloads/Pizzas-Nutrition-Pizzas-PerPortion.pdf”]

Pizza Hut Nutrition Fact Sheet

Here is the link to all Pizza Hut nutrition food fact sheet for all their pizza’s, pasta, salads, deserts and drinks. Each now has its own pdf document so I included the “restaurant pizzas” nutritional values for you to see below.

[gview file=”http://www.pizzahut.co.uk/assets/restaurant/files/Nutrition_Restaurant_Pizzas-0312.pdf”]

So Which is the Best Fast Food Nutrition?

I hope you can at least compare now what you are eating in your take-away food.

The Burger Nutrition Competition

Looking at the common burger range we can see some differences. We can compare a Big Mac burger to a KFC fillet burger to a Burger King Whooper®.

  • Protein is roughly the same for all
  • Big Mac wins carbohydrate race with 41g
  • KFC wins on the sugar race with 5.3g
  • KFC wins on the saturated fat with 4.1g

So the KFC chicken fillet burger wins the burger competition overall from a sugar and saturated fat point.

The Pizza Nutrition Competition

For this healthy fast food competition we can compare the deep pan cheese and tomatoe (margherita) 6 slice pizza’s.

  • Domino’s wins the calorie race with 148 Kcal per slice
  • Pizza Hut smashes the protein with 11.2g vs 7.9g
  • Domino’s is low on the carbohydrates 19.3g vs 29.5
  • Domino’s is 50% lower in saturated fat 2.0g vs 4.1g
  • Pizza Hut just wins the sugar amounts with 2g

Depending what your trying to do the pizza race is quite close. But if you were trying to do like Professor of human nutrition, Mark Haub, then Domino’s would give you the lowest calories overall.

What’s your thoughts on your best fast food choice. Have you ever looked at the nutrition values of the different fast food outlets? If you would like to use your food to help reduce inflammation in your body then take a look at the paleo diet version called the deflame diet which I have talked about before. I would also recommend you read this book by Rocky Angelucci titled “Don’t Die Early“.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by mauricesvay